Accounting tree

Can I open a patch for a new branch or company with the same account tree that I created and modified in another company I have before?

As I know, the only way to do that up to now, is to duplicate the Business file you have already had (by creating Backup and Importing New Business file) and then delete all other entries (using batch delete wherever is available).
Unfortunately, it is not possible to batch create/update the Chart of Accounts (which would be very helpful for such cases).

In my opinion batch update for an uncommonly used changes to the chart of accounts, would waste more users time than it saved.

The reason is the COA can be complex data structure, so any batch update must accommodate the most general case. Add the fact individual users will create a new business relatively uncommonly. The net effect is the learning curve each time a user attempted to use that functionality would exceed the gain.

Backup restore and delete/ edit is faster.

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I understand the reasons why (especially considering complexity due to special accounts, etc.).

Adding to the complexity you should note that the Chart of Accounts also gets automatic accounts based on enabling options in the customize settings be it enabling inventory, sales and purchase invoices, etc. Secondly also the creation of control accounts in settings add accounts to the Chart of Accounts.

As such the Chart of Accounts is not just a “table” but also has lots of dependencies that simply can not be dealt with using batch or similar functions. @Evans described one way of replication in brief. I will repeat some of that and add some more info on how to have some business template one could use.

  1. Backup a business that has all the features and chart of accounts that you would like to have in another new business. Make sure to disable the Attachments, Emails and History options to be saved in the backup.

  2. Import this business and rename it as @Evans mentioned.

  3. Delete all entries, and where available use Batch deleted to speed-up that process.

  4. Once all entries are deleted make a similar backup as under point 1 with options Attachments, Emails and History disabled. Make a copy of this “template” somewhere else for future use in other businesses.

  5. Remove the business from Manager

  6. Import the last saved business template into Manager.

In future you could just use the template you saved elsewhere over and over again.

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