Help with chart of accounts

We want to create a pre payment under other assets in Balance sheet in Chart of account.

The pre payment is to handle advance payment for services which will last for more than one year.

Examples are Health Scheme, Rent, pre paid bills, expenses to write off over a period of time.

Finding it difficult to set up.
Please help

@cmnak, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours had nothing to do with the idea being discussed in the other topic, which was to allow batch operations for creating charts of accounts. So your post has been moved to a new topic.

Diverting topics lessens the chance you will obtain any help, because people with the necessary knowledge will not read yours.

Tut, please guide me on how to use the forum effectively.

Where do I direct the question asked

You have already put it out there. Those who feel qualified to help will respond. Meanwhile, it looks like you are new to Manager. Have you read the Guides about building a chart of accounts, adding accounts, custom control accounts, and special accounts?


But has not really understood how to create control account and drop down list.

It is suppose to share the same feature as intangible assets.
That is Net Pre paid, Pre paid and accumulated prepaid.

As the month ends, the portion expense should be expense to either rent or medical and there like.

Did you read the Guides I linked? They illustrate the process quite clearly. The dropdown list is created automatically, based on which subsidiary ledgers you assign to the control account.

I do not understand what you mean by this. These accounts are not going to behave like intangible assets. You will be creating accounts, not assets.

Nothing is going to happen automatically. You will have to move expenses with journal entries. But you can create recurring journal entries.