How to put customers in a particular group

I have customers in different places so I am planning to make route wise groups in which I can add selected customers of that route . This feature is there in other accounting software such as tally,focus,wings and so on … So anyone who knows about this in manager ???

How you do this would depend on why you are grouping the customers. Do you actually need them to appear in different accounts receivable groups on the balance sheet? Or do you just want to be able to sort them by delivery routes? The latter is very easily done with custom fields. See the guide below. Relevant information is under the heading, Editing or adding Customer information:

Actually what I mean to say is group summary I need.
Attached pictures of tally accounting software in which under a group places can be added and under it customers
So directly we can print the statement of the particular route
Else if we need places and under that customers also we can do it …

You have not said, and your photo does not show, anything about why you want to group the customers. What information are you trying to display or account for together? That was my original question, but you did not answer it.

As I told I have few marketing guys and customers need to be set route wise so instead of finding each and every customer of particular route is there any way or option that we can create groups and under that we can put few customers

  1. I want to do this for my convenience

  2. in the image it shows a particular group summary route in which few customers are there .

Kindly refer to tally software once for your easy understanding

@Austro_Led_Lights, I have asked twice what you are trying to accomplish by grouping your customers and what information you want to obtain. Your repeated answer is that you want to group customers. Yes, I understand you want to group customers by route, but why?

Your photo shows no data except customer names. What information about customers are you trying to obtain? If you will not answer that question, no one can help you figure out how to get it.

And no thank you, I have no need to look at other software. If you like it so much, perhaps you should use it.

Meanwhile, have you read the Guide I linked to above? Have you investigated custom fields for routes as I suggested? Did it work for you? If not, why not?

See i want to make groups for better convenience of people.
It is like this
For example:
If i have 10 customers
3 of Route A
5 of Route B
2 of Route C
and instead of searching them by given codes isnt it possible that we can create 3 group in which we can put customers depending on the particular route?
2) I am just saying to look at tally software for referrence of what i mean to say…I do even use that software.It would be easy for others.

@Austro_Led_Lights, I’ve asked you three times why you want to group them and what information you want to show. You keep answering that you want to group them. Now you’ve given a written example of grouping instead of a photo.

This is my last request: what information are you trying to show for the different routes? If you don’t answer, no one can help.

@Austro_Led_Lights please state the reason why you want them grouped so that @Tut can help you.
You haven’t given a reason why you want that group, the reason will show the app author what to do to solve your need.

And please I am a user of Tally ERP9, without it add on which users contribute, it customer details management is nothing to compare with even though it a very expensive application

I don’t know if you are also requesting for a Customer List feature where bills can be sent to a Customer List and it will be duplicated for all customers on that list. And where a customer may belong to many list as needed by the user. So e.g. Mr. A can be part of customer list X and also a list member of customer list Y.

@Tut I have told in my above reply that I need for better convenience.i have lot of customers from different places so it would be easy enough to sort the customers.
Instead of giving an business identifier code I just want to sub group them .
And one more reason for having this option is
As we have marketing guys who go to different places so we need to give them all the customers statement and in manager we can only get printout of a single customer statement at a time
I want a particular group’s statement printout …
@Abeiku I am just trying to explain the feature of tally ERP.9 or the earlier versions
There’s an option called group summary in which we can make few groups and customers for our easy.

Yes, @Austro_Led_Lights, so you have said many times. What you are not telling is what you need for better convenience. Presumably, you don’t just need a list of customers, but want some actual accounting data. But since you won’t reveal what data, I can’t help you.

Okay so @Austro_Led_Lights needs a group summary. In Tally ERP you can create sub groups under customers so during billing if you select that group only customers in the group will show to be selected. You can use it to group customers by Geographic locations, customer type e.g. Standard, premium, etc. I have never tried generating a report based on the groups but it likely possible.

Manager however has custom control account which groups customer balances on the balance sheet but doesn’t group them in the customer list itself. Besides it shows all the list of customers in billing unlike Tally ERP that will present customer categories/groups and display the list of customers in that group to select the particular customer from.

A user may be tempted many times to request for features which they are used to in other softwares. And may not see the power has. So @Austro_Led_Lights you have to understand is different and use what is available whiles you wait for @Lubos to address it eventually.

You can use Custom fields to sort customers even though you won’t be able to generate a customer group statements which I believe is a total receivable from the group, total transaction amounts for the group for a period etc. Which can be used to even monitor the progress of sales agents assigned to sub groups of customers or sales agents who bring customers on board and enter them in the system using their name or agent code as the group for their customers.

I have already requested for customer list. Lubos could also make it possible to create statements for customer Lists which will include total receivable from the customer List, total transaction amount from the list etc. So during customer creation you may select and add the lists you want the customer to be part of and select his/her customer control account as well.:blush:

@Tut do you have any whatsapp number or wechat id so that I can share the video of what exactly I need
Because I can’t upload the video here … it’s not supporting itseems.

No. Please just describe the accounting data you want to see.

Leave all those things…i’ll give you an clear explanation what i need
There are shortcut codes mentioned in bracket for each customer , this is their place names.
Now everyday we have 4 places to go and we want to group customers in 4 different groups so that it would be easy for us to take the printout of that with their out standing balance.
It doesn’t reflects on balance sheet.
It is a separate column and only for easy recognition purpose…
Can you help me out in that point???
For example
If i have 20 customers
5 in route A day Monday
5 in route B day Monday
6 in route C day Monday
4 in route D day monday and so on
then how to find them ?
How to make groups for easy recognition so that we don’t miss out any customer?
Is there any such option of that?
Only few customers in a group and their outstanding balance ,
like that can we make n number of groups or such???
Please help me out in this…I can’t explain than this.
I need this for my easy use and i think it could help others too in dividing customers to the particular groups and then get their out standing balance.

And do tell em one thing
If i put a code to a customer and if i want to take the printout of that page then how should i ?
For your reference i have attached the picture kindly check it and do let me know how to take a print of that page?

If I understood correctly…

1 - Settings / Chart of Accounts
2 - Create New Group named e.g. Customer Routes (Assets)
3 - Create New Control Account named e.g. Route A (Assets - Customer Routes) - Repeat this step for all routes
4 - Edit Customers and set Control Account (Customer Routes Accounts are available now)
5 - Look your Summary Screen… Customers by Route and their Balances

I hope it helps.

How to set control account for customers???
can you describe it briefly please?