No control Account Option in mac

There is no option for Control Account option in new customers tab in Mac version…
Can anyone Help me out in this?

Stop saying that! Of course there is (I’m on a Mac too)… Manager apps for all platforms are identical.

Yesterday I gave you a few simple steps (besides other users suggestions)…


1 - Go to → Settings / Chart of Accounts

2 - Create New Group named e.g. Customer Routes (Assets)

3 - Create New Control Account named e.g. Route A (Assets - Customer Routes) - Repeat this step for all routes

4 - Edit Customers and set Control Account (Customer Routes Accounts are available now)

5 - Look your Summary Screen… Customers by Route and their Balances

It is working in Windows well but not in mac.

What version of Manager are you using? Current version is 16.9.70.


Also guide me in windows version how to get the print option directly in the assets → customer–> routes page A.

And same in mac.

Update your Manager.

No print option, only export and print from e.g. excel.

oh ok fine i’ll do that in mac.

One more help if you would do then it would be much easier for me and i would go ahead with server edition then.
if this option is there

See this invoice , in this there are 0 continuously. I don’t want those zero. But total must be in bottom itself. In the invoice format.
Is it possible to do that?
And also i don’t want to show the item code to customers. it must be only visible while making the invoice and in the print it must not.
in simple words i don’t want the item code to be visible , is it possible??

Thanks in advance

I need this type of invoice format , no issues if sl no and per column is not available. And also the last declaration part and amount in words also I don’t require .
Is it possible in manager ?

Those zeroes are there because you entered 20 blank line items. Since you are so obsessed with with the format, perhaps you should hire an HTML programmer to create a template for you.

Update your software.

@Tut. Boss thanks for your early reply.

  1. yeah I know I have entered 20 blank lines but I need total on the bottom of the page so what is the other option?

  2. I can’t find any HTML programmer if you could do it for me , I am ready to pay for that .
    But in that I need all the features I want

  3. I’ve tried updating my software but there’s no change and no control account option in customer’s tab …

  4. what if I take server edition? Will I be guided completely for an HTML template if I go ahead with it ?

Hire an HTML programmer

Control accounts are created under Settings => Chart of Accounts.

No. Server edition is exactly like desktop except for allowing multiple users.

See boss I know I’ve been replying so much for an small issue but you are familiar to it so for you it is an small issue.
2) I was replying from my iPhone but that time the images weren’t uploaded so at last I did it with my mac and I got solution in 1 reply itself.

I have found an easy way to print the summary sheet in Windows …
Just right click it and select print option… that’s it your print is ready

@Austro_Led_Lights sir this option is there in windows and I have tried to
Cross check once with the procedure if you don’t mind else people will help you out in this forum I guess