Sub grouping of customers in a group

I want to group few customers in a particular group so that it would be easy for us to go as route wise.
Kindly guide me how to make groups and then add required customers in that
I have 10 customers named 1 to 10 and I want to put 1-3 in group a
4-7 in group b
And 8-10 in group c
So how should I do it ?

Yeah I requested something like that, Customer Billing Lists where I could create lists for billing process, so if I select a list during invoicing the invoice will be duplicated for the list members. Also a customer could belong to as many list as required.
This was needed to help a friend sending many invoices/bills to many students in his school.

Have you read the below release and see if it would suit

Customer group feature will be very helpful for institutions like schools so that we can do bulk billing per customer groups such as class. it will also make it possible to print outstanding balances per customer group. I dont know if the current custom subsidiary ledgers could be used for the above

The current custom subsidiary ledgers are used for grouping balances rather then customers by type. Therefore, you could see the total amount outstanding per Class…

To group Customers you could use the customer coding for Class 1 as C1-1, C1-2, C1-3.
For bulk billing you can use a combination of recurring invoices and non-inventory items.
For Statements, currently its all customers at once.

Thanks Brucanna, I will try it and revert with my feedback

OK, but please don’t double post the same question, your separate topic has been deleted.