2 or more group of customers

Is it possible to have two/more group of customers. I require this for grouping customers by owner and tenantwise, etc.

i dont think this grouping will give you any reports or functions to deal with different methods to them.
Possibly you may want to filter in search field. so create the customer code like A1, A2, A3 for one group and B1,B2,B3 for other group and so on. So you can filter search by the first common character.
If you want to analyze their income and expenses then possibly you can make use of the tracking_code. Please refer guides.

You could use Special Accounts to keep them apart on the Balance Sheet.

Custom codes might be another way to identify them

But it isn’t clear why you want to have two groups - what do you want to report on separately?


Thanks for the reply.

When we click on the Customer Tab, we get a full list of customers, I was just wondering if it was possible to have customers classified under groups to differentiate between them. Being a real estate company, we have customers who are ‘owners of the flats’ (who purchase flat’s through us) as customers as well as ‘tenants of the flats’ who rent flat from us. All these customers are listed as one in Customer Tab. So in order to differentiate between them, it may be helpful if there is an option to have groups/division in Customer Tab, or to have more than one Tab.

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its possible and very simple.
1.Go to the settings
2.select custom_fields
3. select the ‘customer’ tab
4. click name it as Group.
5. select type as
6. Text your Group names.

This will reflect when you enter data and in view screen

i realize some line missed in my above post.
4. click on new custom field and name it as ‘Group’
5. select type as drop-down list

There are no inherent differentiations possible between customers. All will be in the Customers tab. The method @ismail posted leaves out an important step: checking the box to show the custom field as a column. When you do, it will appear on the Customers tab screen. This allows you to tell which group a customer is in, or you can sort the list by group.

Thanks for the help

Thankyou for the help