Customer Group Statements


I tried searching the forum but didn’t quite the answers I’m searching for.

Most of my customers belong to a franchise and their HQ wants a monthly statement of all their branches.

I have used the customer codes to group them by franchise. example:


the individual customers is named like this.
BKB Bethlehem
OVK Bloemfontein
GWK Kaaptstad
OVK Fauresmith
BKB Gauteng etc etc

What I need is to create a customer statement grouped by code so that all the OVK customers statements is on it and I can send it to OVK headquaters.

Is there a way for me to do it by creating a custom report or special accounts or control accounts?

I would appreciate any help and advice

Thank you

Manager has no ability to associate one customer with another. Nor are there tiers or hierarchies of customers. The only way to obtain such a report is to export a statement for each of the customers in a group and paste them all into a single spreadsheet.

Thank you for your reply. Is this maybe something that can be added to manager. Or maybe a custom customer statement report that you can add a specific filter, for example customer code?

@Anke_Badenhorst, your last post gave me an idea. If you add a custom field for the group to customers, you could do two things:

  • Create Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field reports. Define the report to include one of your franchisor codes and you will have a list of all sales invoices, by franchisee, for the time period. But this will contain only sales invoice totals, not transaction histories.
  • Create a custom report using the custom field in a filter (Where Franchisor contains OVK, for example). Group the report by franchisee. Include whatever data the franchisor wants in their report. You will be somewhat limited in what you can display, but the same is true with customer statements.

Give the second option a try. If you run into difficulty, post screen shots of the definition of a report and the resulting report.

Thank you very much. I have created a custom field as you said and the first option worked perfectly. I definitely wanted a report to see which franchise is the strongest in any given month so that’s great. screenshot below

I am very new when it comes to custom reports. I would like it to look like the customers statements, with invoices and payments (Transactions) but then grouped by franchise so the coloums to be

Date inv# Customer Debit Credit Balance

If you could help me with the custom report settings I would very much appreciate that thank you.

That is not possible. You cannot control the format of custom reports, only their content (within limits). You will be constrained to information related to a specific transaction to an account in your chart of accounts. So, for example, you can distinguish debits and credits. But you cannot obtain balances because those are calculated on the fly when a statement is created; they are not part of the transaction records.

Ohk I understand, except for the balance, can the rest be done, i tried but its not right


I am actually just looking for invoice and payment totals and not each individual item

You will not be able to achieve that, because general ledger transactions are recorded by line item, not by total. Any sales invoice you view is itself the processed result of all line items it contains. The total amount of the invoice is not saved in the database.

Exactly what I Have been looking for in custom reports with the use of tracking codes. Totals only.


I just wanted to know if there could be a function added to group customers under a HQ or a head franchise?
This would be a very helpfull function

In general, there is no such capability. However, you can add a designator in the Code field. Then, you will be able to search for particular designators. In the case of customer statements, after searching for the code related to a particular franchise brand, you could use Batch PDF to generate a file of all statements for only that brand.

I have a similar problem.
Is there anyone who could help me?
I have a few customers who have two or three vehicles sent for repairs to me
How can I group the vehicles under each respective customer right from the invoicing stage

What do you mean by “group the vehicles under each respective customer”?

Surely you just invoice the customer for the work done on each vehicle?
The invoice will then be in the customer’s account

Or are you talking about the repair income classification?

The Customer needs a breakdown separately for each vehicle within the statement
Also to keep record of each vehicle owned by a Customer for our internal record

So you have a separate invoice for each vehicle - is that not sufficient?

But without more information about the workflow and processing involved, it is hard to offer anything other than general advice

Ya Joe
I will put it in a different way
Suppose you have three vehicles and you send all three for services in a single day.
How can I invoice you in a single invoice with different parts and consumables used for each of them?
And give a single statement end of the month covering all three vehicles differentiating every single vehicle service deatails

You don’t - you create 3 invoices one, for each car

The Customer Statement will list the three invoices separately,

But it won’t, and can’t, show the detail of each invoice only the total due

Thank You Joe
I will evaluate some more

To do this, you will have to create a separate customer for each vehicle:

  • Robert Jones - 2013 Toyota
  • Robert Jones - 2020 Land Rover
  • Robert Jones - 2017 Subaru

An invoice custom field for vehicle identification maybe sufficient for internal reports.
It would require a consistent operator naming convention as manager does not support customer custom list field on a invoice that I’m aware if.