How and where i can download Updates & where is latest version?

It maybe for some, but I have that update (dated 16/09) and everything is working fine.
It appears that the various windows 10 issues noted in the forum recently are of a more recent date - therefore perhaps that update (if at fault) suffered a subsequent problem or causing conflicts with other third party software.

I agree that its not necessarily that update. I don’t have windows 10 so cannot check. But I do think its some windows update because I am noticing a lot of problems in the forums lately with very slow performance etc - all related to windows 10 and I suspect some windows updates are the cause.


that is good news when i installed that software at my another system now its working.
but i am shocked that there in no chance of creates NEW USERS ? why ?

You did not specifically say which edition you are using, but from your earlier posts, it seems like the desktop edition. If you click on in the top menu bar, you will see:

yes, that show in desktop edition.
now how can i create multi users in desktop edition?

Re-read the above message

“Multi-user access is ** not ** available in desktop edition”