Problem in Updating

Hi All,

from last 20 days i am unable to download the latest version exe on my desk top.
when i try to download it always download the same old version, then i download the file on another system and copy from there.
Manager is updated on my setup but where is the problem.

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Whilst I am not a windows person and therefore not particularly qualified to point you in the right direction with a windows file system, it sounds to me as if you may well be looking in the wrong place for your download.
This is possibly (in part) due to the settings in your web-browser that you are using.
Suggest that you navigate to the Manager download page, right-click on the download link, and then choose “save target as” or “save link as” (or words to that effect). This should then offer you the choice of where in your file system the installer is downloaded to.

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Dear Xero50

Thanks for help i have uploaded the screen shot PDF file,
Please advice.
Updating Problem.pdf (1.6 MB)

It appears that you have two versions of Manager installed, do you have two desktop Manager icons. Go to Control Panel - Program & Features and see how many times Manager is listed.

If you have two, uninstall both but do backups first, then re-download using the Desktop Edition button at the top of the Forum home page.

Note - your data files are stored separately from the program files. In fact, before uninstalling note down the Application Data path.

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Strange…only one Manager installed

Lets go back to the beginning where you said
(a) download the latest version exe on my desk top
(b) download the file on another system

The result being (a) is not updating and (b) is updating.
Now, if you are starting both downloads from the same location then one can’t be an older version (even though that is what the message implies) and the other be a newer version, therefore it’s going to be suggested that the desk top computer has got a “brain snap” with regards to Manager.

Therefore it is suggested that via Control Panel uninstall Manager, then go to the programme file location - users/(user name)/appdata/roaming - and make sure the folder is empty, in fact you could delete the folder. Shut down, wait a few minutes and start (not just a restart) the computer and start download as a clean (new) install.

The data files location (unless you have relocated) - users/(user name)/appdata/local - should be unaffected by the uninstall - however either do backups or copy the above folder on to storage device as additional protection.

IF (?) the message returns then its not the download but a “brain snap” within the desk top.