Installation Problem (Not open when i installed)

hey,good morning.
i installed desktop edition in my system. and i successfully installed it. when i am open that software. nothing is shown. nothing error was show. what is that problem?
i am installed that software on windows 10.

help me.

furthermore, when i offline my all firewall, anti virus and restart system and open software that kind of error i found.
take a look on image

i need your help to run that file on my system.

have a good day

Are you sure this is the latest version from

Go to download and install the latest version to see if it fixes your issue.

Hi jacksii

I have been using Manager for a while without issues on Windows 10, however I have just an auto update Windows 10 1607 (KB3176936) it changed my security and now I can not see Manager when I open it. I have download the current version from the web but get the same results, I have also received a notice that says I cant open Manmager as it is already open, bur if it is it is not visible!

I am not sure where to go on this. Search of Microsoft is a not helpful.

Hi lubos

I am having similar problem to the post from jacksii, except that I have used Manager successfully on Windows 10 for a long whilw without problems but after a recent upgrade (W10 version 1607 (KB3176936) I can no longer load Manager.

I have already downloaded a new version from your website and loaded it but this has made no difference.Another program was also corrupted but I have managed to replace this.

Microsoft website was not helpful either. Any ideas?

king regards

Why don’t you either uninstall the update or use a restore point prior to the update

you all must see this thread. and follow instructions.

any success let me know.


see: How and where i can download Updates & where is latest version? - #8 by Brucanna