Sotware Update

I am using the software for some time now for maintaining my company’s accounts. I like the features very much, but would highly appreciate if an option would have been given for updating the software from the application itself, or if any updated version is available, a splash screen pops up at the beginning as soon as you launch the application asking to update the software with an option to skip.

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Manager desktop edition is a completely offline software and so it does not have any risks associated with the same. most users are happy with this and would not want Manager automatically going online without the user’s intent.

but i do support the idea of having an option where the user can manually initiate a software update.

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Please limit this update thought to the desktop version only. I need no users in the server version to go and attempt making updates.

There is no message about updates in the Desktop version - where did you download your version from ? it doesn’t sound like the official version

One of the limitations you accept by using the free, desktop edition is the need for proactive software updates. If you want to constantly be up to date, subscribe to the cloud edition.

Manager is frequently updated several times per day. Most updates are not detectable to the user. This is why there is a release log for notable changes.

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From the manager website itself

I understand it don’t automatically going online for updates. How do you update Manager Desktop? Just guide me to it please.

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Download and install the new version exactly the way you did the old version. Do not uninstall anything first. If database restructuring is required because of new features, those are accomplished automatically.


So you mean I must download the latest version and install it over the old one? Am I reading you correctly, Tut?

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Hi, is it possible to have instructions to Update (for Windows?) in the guides, because there is one for MacOS but I had to look for this thread to see how to update for non-Mac users.
ie search for update in guides only gives Mac.

Windows installation instruction
The desktop version of Manager needs to be manually updated by the windows user. In manager you can see your current version by following this guide

  1. Download the current software from the Manager download page. The current version which you are about to download is shown just under the “Windows” label.
    New versions are regularly released, sometimes several per day. When a major feature is added, it is typically listed on the Releases page.

  2. To install Manager double click on or run the downloaded file. Unlike most Windows installers it is set up to run as a normal not windows administrator user so no administrator password is required.

Accept the security warning, click “Run”

Click “Next”

Choose if you want to add a desk to shortcut then click “Next”

Choose the directory you install Manager in
It also defaults to installing in the windows users private (hidden) directory. As a result multiple versions on Manager can easily be installed on a Windows computer (it happens by default if you log into a different Windows user). During installation you can choose another installation directory the current Windows user has write permissions for. Manager will remember the installation directory chosen next time that windows user installs manager (by following the same procedure described here).

  1. If you want to install manager in “c:\Program Files (x86)” with most of the other Windows programs, you need to run the manager installer from a administrator command prompt as described here Windows Installation (not portable) Icons for installed short cuts link to files in the installing Windows user’s hidden directory. This can be manually fixed, and if done deleting the new menu items created with each install is efficient.
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