Having Problem Backing up Manager IO cloud version

Having Problem Backing up Manager IO cloud version

Backups of very large files can fail using Backup button. There will be a solution to this within a few months but for the time being, there is an alternative way to obtain a backup.

Go to https://www.manager.io/cloud/ and click Management Console. You will be able to log into management console for your site. There is Backups tab which contains all the data on our backup server.

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This means we don’t need to backup for cloud version.

That is only true in the context of preserving data. The cloud edition does that for you. But, if you saw the article about backup philosophy in the last edition of the newsletter, you know there can be other reasons for making backups, such as being able to operate temporarily on a desktop installation during an internet outage.

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There is one question, if we use temporally for desktop version during internet outage.

how can we update the cloud version when internet connection resume.

Update Manually all the new records,

or just install the desktop version backup to cloud version?

The answer will depend on how recent the backup from the cloud edition was. Let me give some examples:

  • Let us say you normally operate on the cloud edition and make a local backup every day at close of business. One morning, you open the office and discover you have no internet access. Launch the desktop edition. (You must also make sure you keep that local copy up to date, since you will not be able to download a new one.) Import the backup. You now have all your data, completely up to date. The only disadvantage is that only one user can enter transactions. After internet access is restored, make a backup from the desktop edition. Log on to the cloud edition and import the backup. Remove the previous version of your business from the cloud, because it is now out of date.
  • In another situation, assume you have three branch offices that would normally be using the cloud edition. Each can operate locally on a desktop edition with the previous day’s backup file imported. When internet access is restored, someone could collect backups from the three offices and manually re-enter the transactions that occurred during the outage into the cloud edition.
  • Now consider a situation where your backup was only done weekly, but the other circumstances were like my first example. Do the same things. But, because you would already be missing data in the backup for recent days after it was made, you would also want to manually re-enter transactions made during the outage. Otherwise, if you imported a backup into the cloud, you would overwrite the last few days’ data and not be able to recover them.

As you can see, your plan for continuity of operations must consider the full recovery process.

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