Data transfer

Hi, so I have my business in a cloud edition, but sometimes I work on desktop edition cause of internet problems, but I was wondering if I could be able to transfer my updated data on desktop edition to the cloud edition without deleting my business on cloud edition, like just updating the database with new data. Cause if I delete the cloud edition and then add a new business with backup from my desktop edition I will have to register access to my managers again and that’s annoying. If there is any possibility of updating the cloud edition database with my desktop edition backup please help me out.

You cannot do that.

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To do the equivalent of that I use Mangers backup and restore functionality together with the fact you can have multiple businesses in Manager at no extra cost. See Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses

When moving from one platform to another I

  • backup “My Business file” with the default file name (which appends the date).

  • Restore the business file to the new platform

  • Rename the business file on the old platform to append the date (so it is named identically to the backup).
    Rename the business file on the new platform to remove the date (to mark it as the current active business file).

  • Occasionally delete old business file versions from platforms

Of course, your procedure works, @Patch. But @Bivos’ problem is unavailability of the internet. So if the internet connection goes down for a cloud user, the first step becomes impossible, as would the third.