Back up of Cloud verision

We are developing a website that will interact with our could version of Manager. As there might be some information going lost during sync I was wondering if the cloud version is regularly backed up on Manager’s servers so that, in case of any issue, we can go back to a previous version.

Obviously I would prefer to avoid having to back up the could version to an offline database before every sync.

Automatic backups we make for cloud edition are not exposed to customers. It is still possible to “go back in time” but it would be a manual process where we would send you the backup file. Perhaps in future, we will have a system in place which will allow you to download automatic backups.

Thank you for the feedback.

Do you think a read-sync of the info from an external website could make us lose some data or alter the data?

As long as you only do GET requests, then the answer is no.

Only POST, PUT and DELETE requests would modify data.

Hi, is there any update on automatic backups, and what is the frequency of them? and who we need to contact to get backups and how long it usually take to receive backups, thanks

My understanding is the hosted service uses backups internally to ensure a reliable fails safe system is provided to customers.

That is different to offering a customer archiving and restoration service.

User back ups in manager are done as described here

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@Asif_Hussain send us email to with details what happened and what needs to be restored.

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thanks, i was just trying to understand the procedure/option of restoring backup available to cloud users

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