Copying to disk

Is there an option to back up to disk with the cloud version ?
or a way of copying back to desktop version ?

Yes. Have a look at

Hmmm … what I would like to is transfer data from the desk top version to the cloud version and vice versa because I have entered data into both programs .
I am concerned that one will overwrite the other if I import them .

Entering data in two different copies of your business is a very bad idea. Please try hard to avoid doing that.

The solutions now that it has been done is:

  1. Back up both Manager business files (in case something goes wrong)

  2. Choose one of the copies of your business which has the most of the information entered.

  3. Manually re- enter the remaining data into this copy of your business file. You could open both at once however you will need to be careful you remember which is which. Using Add Business on the initial landing page to Importing the backup from the file you are copying from may help as it will default to a Business with the back up date added to the name

  4. Batch operations could be used in theory however I suspect that will take longer and be more error prone in practice.

Yep … alrighty . Thankyou for clarifying that . Looks like there is some data re entry to do !!

To make it easier to see which Manager business you are working on you can Rename Businesses to something like “MyBusiness - cloud” or “MyBusiness - Local” (of course if you back up and restore to another location you would have to change the name again.

After you have all your data in one place you may want to minimise the chance of it happening again. You can do that by backing up your data (again) then Removing the Business from the location you are not currently using or