GST Calculation Worksheet


The GST Calculation worksheet is coming with 0 values whereas I can see proper values in Tax Audit and Tax Summary calculations.

This is the first time I have encountered the issue.

Can you please help me how to resolve it?

Go to Settings and import the Australian Business Activity Statement.

Hi Tony…If I click on Import it says open from this computer and points me to browse for a file from the local computer. Since everything is coming correctly in Tax Summary and Tax Audit reports just not sure what I am missing.

What version of Manager are you using? Newer versions of manager come with all localisations so you just select from a menu.
The new localisations are also incompatible with the old versions of Manager.

I suspect you will need to update Manager to a more current version.

I am using 19.7.40. I am using cloud edition and was under impression that cloud editions gets updated automatically.

Who’s cloud
That version is 15 months old and about a thousand versions behind
Software Version: Determine version number

Business Localization: Import localization settings and features

Visit and restart your cloud server under Troubleshooting. (You will probably have to scroll down to see it.) Have you really remained logged in since July 2019?

Nobody on cloud edition is more than a few days behind.