BAS Worksheet not adding in GST free sales and GST free Purchases

I am trialing using Manager for a small business and I can’t seem to get the BAS GST Calculation worksheet to give me what I think should be correct figures. I have entered just a few trial transactions. I have set the tax code in settings to GST 10% Australia and I have created two tax codes NR 0% and Free 0%. I am working Cash basis. The dummy transactions with tax show up as expected. But the sales and purchases that have been coded with one of the two tax codes I have created with do not show on the GST calculation sheet at G3 and G14. They are appearing on the Tax Audit and Tax Summary reports. Obviously, I have done something wrong during the set-up process?

Assistance apprecaited.

I’m not in Australia, so I have not actually used the BAS worksheet. But I suspect it only draws on built-in tax codes, not custom codes you create yourself. To me, that would make sense, as the designer of the worksheet would be unaware of custom codes you created later.

There is no need to create those codes, you just use the one - GST 10% Australia.
If you have a transaction that doesn’t require GST, leave the tax field “blank” - no tax code selected

Thanks, Tut, I thought the same that custom codes would not be recognised by the worksheet. SO I went back to the extensive dropdown menu of codes and - I had not noticed that GST Free is amongst them!

Problem solved.

Incidentally, Brucanna, leaving the GST field blank did not work - as in it did not add that figure to the GST-free field in the worksheet - I had tried that already. And I was using two 0% codes for a reason there is a difference between GST Free and NR (Not reportable) that is GST free is an item that does not have GST like bank fees, ASIC fees etc that go through the BAS worksheet, whereas NR I would have used for bank transfers or drawings - as they do not get reported on the BAS. As the custom tax code didn’t report on the BAS I can continue to use that for items that are NR (not reportable)

Leaving the GST Field Blank or using your NR code, amounts to exactly the same thing - no impact on the BAS Worksheet. Haven’t heard of any Australian Manager users needing a NR code.

In fact GST Free should be called GST 0%, as those items are GST applicable but zero rated compared to 10% rated. Whereas your “NR” transactions are non-GST able

That’s exactly the case Brucanna - and I am only just trialling Manager using tax codes. Down the track, perhaps tax codes may be reportable (as in reports to provide data for each code separately) and I may need to report on certain codes. Without setting them up to start with, how can you do that? I currently use another product for this but have been impressed with Manager for another use. The other product uses the tax codes I had entered and they are reported on the BAS in different ways - in my case wanting to keep things the same but after using having a different opinion.

“IF” a new code becomes reportable, then everybody will be in the same boat, it will apply from a future date and not retrospectively.

When the GST was first introduced there were about 5 codes.
GST Purchases
GST Sales
GST Capital
GST Zero - exports, charity products
GST Free - financial, govt/council charges

But these over time these have been consolidated to two, however some accounting software maintain more as that is how they were built when there was that requirement.

Brucanna you’ve missed my point completely. I am not talking about new codes created by the government. When such codes are to their advantage one can report to a client all the invoices where GST is not applicable because the supplier is not GST registered quickly and that process can also assist with other reporting and budget adjustments.As mentioned I have been using manager for a Club for a little while but I am trying the software out for a small business which involves BAS as there are things I prefer about Manager to my current software and vice versa.

Looks like for oveasea purchase if leave the code blank (no tax), it does not be reported in the BAS G14. (Server 17.3.20)

Use the following code for those items

Yes, thanks.


Related to this discussion, why does each of the Tax Reports (Australia) not report any GST $ on transactions that have been entered GST-INCLUSIVE? that setting was established at the start and on each transaction.
Having read your guide on Inclusive V Exclusive GST, the progam is supposed to be able to handle both situations but only the Exclusive method produces the GST$ for the Tax Reports.
I can manually calculate an prepare the BAS but would prefer the system to produce reports for auditing purposes.

Can you show a screen shot of a GST inclusive transaction 1) in edit mode - just the account lines and ticked inc box will do and 2) in view mode - just the centre panel will do.

Just a question are you using cash or accrual basis report, cash basis doesn’t show transactions until paid.

PS: You are entering a tax code in the tax field during the transaction’s creation.

I can’t reproduce the problem - created a sales invoice as tax inclusive

Showing edit mode

Showing view mode

In the Tax Summary (accrual) report the transaction shows but not in the Tax Summary (cash) report

But if a payment is received then it appears on the Tax Summary (cash) report.

Can you give an example of this please?

Can income be coded gst and gst free?

An example of what ?

Income can be coded as GST and GST Free, but not the same item.