GST Calculation Worksheet without values

I have just upgraded to desktop version 19.7.0 and now find the the GST Calculation Worksheet for the current period, as well as all previously generated reports, contain no dollar values. All other tax reports appear to be correct.

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

I am unable to revert to an older version which worked as the database has been upgraded to the new version.

Install the current worksheet from the localisation on the main web site

Thanks for that. Problem solved!

i am having a similar problem with the GST calculation worksheet
i didnt have the gst calculation tab at all after update
i have installed the new one from the localisation website
i have a tab now
but when i do a new report it comes up with a tax summary the first time i make a new one
when i exit out and view again its now the gst calculation worksheet but contains no values


ok worked it out
i had gst tax code but mine said just invoice in the custom title
when i did the gst workbook install i got a duplicate but the new one had tax invoice in the title
i tried editing the old one but it didnt recursively update
i did a batch update and copied the new code into my data and once i had moved it all over i was able to delete the old code and viola i have numbers in my gst calculation
hope this helps someone

You are correct.
For the GST worksheet to function as expected you must use the tax codes imported as part of that counties localisation, not custom tax codes generated by other methods.

This is because the imported country specific tax codes have a unique identifier (UUID) by which they are referenced in the “GST calculation worksheet” (or any other localisation).