GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS blank

So I am doing my first GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS and my report is coming up completely empty? Should this be happening. Sorry if this is a stupid question… Any help would be appreciated.

When you say completely blank, what do you mean by that?

Sorry not completely blank it has all the headings/categories G1 - 20 etc but the value fields only have $0s

And if you generate Tax Summary for the same period, what do you see?

Tax Summary is all 0s as well. Would this be because I did not charge any GST amount as company I established is not earning over the $75k required to apply for GST?

I should also say that I didnt enable the Tax Codes until now rather than when I was inputting the sales invoices etc…

If you hadn’t enable Tax Codes for that period then all fields would be blank.
Why were you trying to do a BAS if you weren’t charging GST, had you received a form for the period.
From what date did you first register for GST?
As soon as you receive your GST registration you need to charge GST regardless of your earning being under or over 75k

I was instructed to do a BAS by a friend who runs the accounts of another company.
I have not registered for GST or recieved a form… Does that mean I do not need to do a BAS statement?

If you haven’t registered for GST then there is no requirement to do a BAS.
If your turnover (not income) is less then 75k then its optional to resister or not.
If your turnover is going to exceed 75k then its compulsory to register.
If you aren’t registered, then you shouldn’t enable the Tax Codes and don’t charge GST on any invoice.

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Thanks for the help. I had sort of gathered this but I wanted to make sure :smiley:

Hi Lubos

Im experienced the same error… my GST report is showing NIL figures
However my Tax Summary Report for the same period shows GST & GST exclusive figures.
Can you offer advise on how to fix this.

Manager software version?
Installation type (Cloud, server, desktop) on Mac, Windows or Linux?