GST Summary Report

We have posted all our transactions and the tax summary report prints the correct numbers but the GST Worksheet does not fill at all …Help .what am I doing wrong !!!


Have you entered the correct dates for the worksheet.

Yes all checked and agreed but no info coming through.I am a little bemused because all the other reports have the correct data

Is this your first GST worksheet or have previous one’s been okay.
Which Edition of Manager, version number & operating system ?

Version 17-4-76 there are earlier version for the same company that worked OK

And windows 7 as an OPS

Try resetting your date format under Settings. There was a bug recently that froze things. Some users reported being converted to a different format. Perhaps your months and days are not what you expect as you create a new report. And be sure your software is up to date in case the version you have was from that time span.

Ok I will try those fix suggestions

No Luck ???

Please confirm what tax code you are using.

Hi Tut

No luck

The code I have used are
GST Free
GST 10%

I’m assuming by “Input” you mean “Input Taxed.” Correct? But what are you referring to as “Capital?” These are the only in-built Australian tax codes:

I’ve now exhausted my ideas. (I’m not Australian and have never used the worksheet in real life.) @Brucanna will be your best source of information.

You are correct I shortened it = Input Taxed
Capital = GST Capital Purchases

Hi Brucanna,
Have you any thoughts on this matter

Where did you find that tax code? It’s not in the program. So you must have created a custom code. I don’t think anything tagged with this code will show up on the worksheet, as that is only for Australian taxes. It’s also possible that employing non-Australian codes interferes with the entire scheme. (I don’t know–just guessing here.)

Yep its an Australian GST code and appears at G!0 on the worksheet

Manager will automatically allocate capital purchases on the GST Calculation Worksheet when you assign the Australian in-built GST 10% tax code to an asset account. If you created your own custom tax code, edit the transactions you have used it for.

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