Greek Intonation in Search

Can we add interchangeability to those “groups” as well?
This will apply to things like selecting accounts in invoices and everything else ofcourse.
So even if someone uses for example english “I” he will get results of all greek “Ι” like Ι , 'Ι , Ϊ, ι, ί, ϊ, and finally ΐ
And ofcourse the same if he uses the greek “ι” he would get the english “i” ofcourse

Greek Unicode of all greek letters that get intonation
Α Unicode number: U+0391 capital without intonation
Ά Unicode number: U+0386 capital intonated
α Unicode number: U+03B1 small without intonation
ά Unicode number: U+03AC small intonated

Ε Unicode number: U+0395 capital without intonation
Έ Unicode number: U+0388 capital intonated
ε Unicode number: U+03B5 small without intonation
έ Unicode number: U+03AD small intonated

Η Unicode number: U+0397 capital without intonation
Ή Unicode number: U+0389 capital intonated
η Unicode number: U+03B7 small without intonation
ή Unicode number: U+03AE small intonated

Ο Unicode number: U+039F capital without intonation
Ό Unicode number: U+038C capital intonated
ο Unicode number: U+03BF small without intonation
ό Unicode number: U+03CC small intonated

Ι Unicode number: U+0399 capital without intonation
Ί Unicode number: U+038A capital intonated
ι Unicode number: U+03B9 small without intonation
ί Unicode number: U+03AF small intonated
ϊ Unicode number: U+03CA small with dialytika
ΐ Unicode number: U+0390 small with dialytika and intonated

Υ Unicode number: U+03A5 capital without intonation
Ύ Unicode number: U+038E capital intonated
υ Unicode number: U+03C5 small without intonation
ύ Unicode number: U+03CD small intonated
ϋ Unicode number: U+03CB small with dialytika
ΰ Unicode number: U+03B0 small with dialytika and intonated

Ω Unicode number: U+03A9 capital without intonation
Ώ Unicode number: U+038F capital intonated
ω Unicode number: U+03C9 small without intonation
ώ Unicode number: U+03CE small intonated

and a consonant

Σ Unicode number: U+03A3 Capital
σ Unicode number: U+03C3 Small
ς Unicode number: U+03C2 <- This one is the same as the others, but one difference. It is used only as the last letter of the word if the last letter is “σ” and it is NOT capital. “ς” is used only in exchange of “σ”. Κορμοσ , is written as Κορμος . So if this , restriction, is not possible, being interchangable in search will work like a gem anyway

Thank you for your hard work and patience and support!

Thanks for the effort. I really appreciate it. The main issue I need to tackle is performance. It’s not viable for Manager to apply these rules in real-time when doing full-text search. And there are many places in Manager where full-text search is happening (e.g. every autocomplete box).

So I will need to build some indexing mechanism which will take into account these rules ahead of time. This is not trivial and it could take some months before I’d start working on it.

Sorry for giving out impression this could be easily solved, I didn’t realize how deep this issue really is. You can see most programs don’t go this far.

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Anything for the program I love and the team behind it.

I just thought that the post I’ve made in the other topic went unoticed. I am pretty sure that when this happens, it will be up to the standards you got us used to.