Guide In Greek Language

Is there a way that a Greek person that does not understand English be able to use this exceptional software,
are ther any guides in other languages?

Thank you in advance


Guides are written only in English. But Manager has been 99% translated into Greek. Change language as in this Guide:

Tut, Thank you very much for the quick reply
I am English and living in Greece, Greek accounting software has become a big problem here due to cost, lack of support and functionality issues
I am hoping that a Greek friend of mine can learn and use this software for many years to come and pass on information about this software to many other Greek people, if a Greek guide was available the learning curve would be reduced.
In the future I may be able to help in the translation of the guide should the owners be interested
Are there any Greek people here that are using this software and willing to give a little assistance by communicating in Greek with my friend?

Thank you in advance, this software is looking very promising, I have been searching on and off for 18 months for something like this and at long last am feeling positive about the future