Multilingual support?

First of all: Manager looks great! I would love to start using this for fiscal year 2014. Running into something right away: I would like to customize my invoices to be in Dutch. I read that the app itself is being translated into multiple languages. Does this also hold true for output of the app? Perhaps it’s easy to write a translation plugin? Is the plugin API gonna be opened up?

Very exciting! Great work for sure, I’ve been looking for a good solution like this…

Look into bottom-right corner of the app. You can change the language now.

Oh! I feel so silly… thanks a lot :slight_smile: perhaps a little down arrow (or Switch language: English) would help. I noticed some mistakes so I requested access to the localization project.

Hi there, i am considering using Manager for my company. The problem is the the Greek language is half done, some thing are still apearing in english (in invoices fow example). Is there a way to fully translate the program?

I think he relies on people helping translate (I could be wrong though!).

@jackdanieltracy is correct. If you like to join, please go to Help translating · WebTranslateIt