Custom invoice template (Greek)

With some googling, and 8 hours of testing… I’ve managed to create a descent invoice for us in Greek. I did some modifications to colors for b/w printing. I think it is usable for most Greek users (although there most of Greek users should change the word “Μεταδόσεις” witch means transmissions to “Ποσότητα” meaning qty, witch i think is a simple task on JSFidle, with a simple search and the replace the text).

Our company details is below the logo.

The required fields for the invoice in Greece are ( for both our company and the customer) :
Company Name, Occupation, Address, Company’s TaxID (ΑΦΜ) and Tax Office (Where company is listed).

I have made all custom fields in the customers, but since we cannot give them
variables so that we can summon them, i incorporated them in the address field, for all of our customers.

Since we are a radio station, sometimes the law enforces us to write the media agency’s details also (same as above), so i have moved our details on the logo (common practice here) and i will create different
invoice templates for each media agency we are working with or will work in the future. Is a great tool i must say.

Here is my template: ΤΙΜΟΛΟΓΙΟ - Sales invoice - JSFiddle - Code Playground (after some edits, and because i changed some widths to 120% -because i wanted the logo to overlap the next tables-, it doesn’t look perfect in JSFiddle, but in the program its 100% ok for printing A4 papper size).

(there is a margin that doesn’t show when i converted the pdf to jpg)

There is one last thing i haven’t managed to do: to add the Euro Symbol at the last line, after the amount so i will be like 704.00 €. Any help on this? (EDIT: done it, thanks for the help lubos)


Great job. Custom invoice template development in HTML is hard work. I will be adding support for custom fields soon.

Anyway, to add € symbol to table cell which shows total, you have two options:

<td data-bind="text: Total"></td>

can be rewritten as

<td data-bind="text: Total+' €'"></td>

or even cleaner

<td><span data-bind="text: Total"></span> €</td>

I used the last one on my 20th version… and it works like a charm. (it was logical)

Your link has gone off, can you please repost it?

I uploaded the latest version. The old got accidentally deleted. I changed the picture also to represent the actual invoice that come out. Now our business details is below the logo and not in the logo itself, so one can change it to his own needs.