Greek translation segments

We made a little correction on the translation of some terms for Greek language. When will it be imported to the program? It is very frustrating to see “Credit notes” translated as “Credits”.

Can you check the latest version (14.1.23)? Translations are merged regularly but from now on I made it an automatic process so it happens on every release.

I checked and it was fine. The translations are in place (14.1.24).


The “Credit Note” it is translated as “Πιστωτικό Σημείωμα”, can we change it to “Πιστωτικό Τιμολόγιο”, or at least how can I change it?

Also in Credit Notes the “Reference” should be translated to “Αρ. Πιστωτικού Τιμολογίου”, I think


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I will do it by Monday!!

Αντώνης Βλάχος
(αποστολή από κινητή συσκευή)

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for your quick action