Guide Info included within Program

I am new to Manager and starting a home business. As I am working my way through the program and re-learning accounting principles (13+ Years since last used), I am finding the Site’s guides very helpful.

In the future, it may be even more helpful to include the summary of each item within the program itself, as opposed to going back and forth between the Internet guides and desktop software.

For example, when clicking Sales Quotes, the information found under guides could also be listed in Manager as follows:

"Sales quotes is a tab in Manager used for preparing quotes or estimates.

If prices of your products or services vary and potential customers require an estimate or an agreed price before they accept the purchase, use Sales Quotes.

Quotes can be converted to invoices when they are accepted by customers.

To issue a quote to a new potential customer, click Customers tab to create a new customer account then click Sales Quotes tab to create a New Sales Quote."

Another option would be to have a little Help Hover button that displays the information for each page, as needed.

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful project and I look forward to learning even more.

Welcome to the Manager forum, @JennyBell. Your suggestions sound convenient. But every such added feature adds to the size of the application, which many choose precisely because it is small. If all such good ideas were added, we’d be using QuickBooks. Additionally, Manager develops at a breakneck pace. Updating internal documentation would slow down the addition of desirable functionality.

You make a choice when adopting Manager. You are choosing a software development company that is very small, yet manages to be incredibly responsive. And you are joining a worldwide community of users who help each other solve problems. Eighty-some languages are supported through the efforts of volunteers. Users share accounting tricks and code. You are also choosing an application for which documentation lags innovation and is usually somewhat thin. But you’re on the right track: read the Guides, then ask questions on the Forum. There is more talent on this Forum than you would every find at Intuit customer service.

Thank you for your time and feedback. I appreciate your response and understand the decision. Its a well done product, and have no complaints. Thank you again Tut!

You are welcome for the response. Just to make sure you understand, I’m not development staff and don’t work for the developer. I’m just a user who tries to return the favor others did for me when I first started using Manager.

And to show you how fast things change, when I wrote my response to you, I wasn’t yet aware of a move that seems to be underway to transfer the Guides from the main web site to this forum. A large group of postings on how to do things with improved graphic content have recently been added, and I hadn’t noticed.