How to fix incorrect credit?

I just created an invoice and discovered that a credit had incorrectly been applied. How can I remove the credit? I’m not sure how it got there to begin with.

When I searched the forum, I found this topic - but the link in the answer now gives a 404 error:

Is the credit a Credit Note or a Receive Money ?

Go to the Customers tab, click on the blue balance for the customer with the credit and then click edit next to the credit. Review the credit, has it been allocated to the correct Customer. Hopefully there is some information in the description fields.

If its a Credit Note which can’t be reallocated to another Customer, therefore somehow created in error, you could just delete it.

If its a Receive Money, go back to the bank statement around that date and validate that its an actual deposit and for which customer. If you discover that there is no related/valid banking then you could assume it was created in error and you could delete it.

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s from Receive Money so I went to the Customers tab and clicked on the blue balance for that customer with credit. I can’t edit the credit, just view - the “edit” button is greyed out next to that credit. I know it’s an error as I have a relatively small business and I would know if someone overpaid (or underpaid).

The description next to credit says “Automatic payment using available credit - Sales Invoice #201608065”- the Sales Invoice is the current invoice I want to print and send, with the incorrect credit. So unless I can get rid of the incorrect credit I can’t send them the invoice.

Ok, so that means you need to look at any Receive Money prior to that date. When you click on the blue balance you will see all the transactions for the customer. In the balance column starting from the bottom you could see a pattern of invoices and receive money with the balance becoming Nil as each receipt contras off the invoice.

At some point, the balance must go into being overpaid, received money exceeding the invoices.
The receive money at that point is where the problem lies. Once again check with the banking around that time, maybe 100 was entered as 1100 or 1000.

When I look at the Receive Money listed for each invoice, the balance always goes to $0 as they pay the exact amount each time. It’s very easy for me to keep track of money coming in and out, so I know that all is in order.

So I’m at a loss as to how to fix it.

Can you post a screenshot of that customers transaction listing - after clicking blue balance

Also under About Manager - what version number is shown

About Manager - Manager 16.12.23. I went to the website and couldn’t find info on what the latest version number is, so don’t know if I need to update… Working on the screenshot…

Hope this screenshot is what you’re looking for. Have to head out soon and will be back in about 6 hours. Thanks again for the quick resonse.

There is a link in this Guide that will tell you the current version:

Your version is a little behind, but no changes have been made that would affect your problem. As @Brucanna told you, the automatic application of a credit means that at some point that customer’s subaccount under Accounts receivable reflected an overpayment by the customer. That could be for as simple a reason as the customer paying off a later invoice for a greater amount than an earlier invoice for a lesser amount. So verify the dates on all sales invoices and Receive money transactions.

While I was writing the foregoing, you posted your screen shot. It looks like this customer has only had one sales invoice. So I am puzzled by your statement that “the balance always goes to $0 as they pay the exact amount each time.” I suspect your problem is that you accidentally selected the wrong customer on some other transaction. So check the history of your other customers to see if an invoice you thought was paid off still has a balance due.

This does not look like a problem with Manager, but a simple data entry error. Unfortunately, those are sometimes hard to track down.

The previous screenshot was after clicking the Dec 12 invoice, the first on the list on this screenshot. As you can see, there are 5 previous invoices which were paid in full from this customer. I don’t see how I could have entered something in error.

Your latest screen shot shows only the status of sales invoices. Each but the last has been paid in full. But that tells you nothing useful. Your problem is that somewhere before 12/23/2016 a credit or overpayment of $74.40 was applied to EMC’s account. Since EMC had a credit balance and paid all its invoices in full, each would naturally show a balance due of zero. So from that screen shot, you can’t be sure this problem hasn’t been carried forward for months (though you would probably have noticed that).

What you need to look at is a drill-down on the Accounts receivable balance for EMC in the Customers tab. That will show you every transaction affecting EMC’s balance going back to the beginning of time. Somewhere, you will see that the +X, -X, +Y, -Y pattern was broken. That will be the transaction to look at. That is what @Brucanna was suggesting in an earlier reply, but I think the suggestion was misinterpreted and you’ve been looking at screens that weren’t helpful.

To clarify the points from the responses above

  1. Go to the “Customers tab”, click on the blue balance for the customer (EMC)
  2. When you click on the blue balance you will see all the transactions (Invoices & Payments)
  3. Starting from the bottom you could see a pattern of invoices and payments with the balance Nil
  4. At some point, the balance must go into being overpaid (by 74.40)
  5. The receive money at that point is where the problem lies

OK, so for anyone else new to Manager [and for me in future, so I have a copy of steps I took], these are the steps I took to fix the incorrect credit:

  1. I went to the REPORTS link on the left hand navigation. Under REPORTS there is an Accounts Receivable category with a clickable link “customer statements” - there I could search for transactions for the client, specifying dates for which I wanted to see transactions.

  2. When I saw the date when the error was incorrectly entered – it was a Receipt entered of 74.40 - I then went into Customer Invoices from the left hand navigation and changed the Receipt to 0.0.

And it’s fixed - phew! Thanks for the responses. Cool to have discovered Reports so I can better track things.

Was this a receipt entered in error or did it belong to another customer ?
If the receipt was in error, you could just delete it.
If for another customer, then your bank reconciliation wont now balance

Everything you saw on Reports, you should have also seen by clicking on the EMC balance.
As the report is only a printout of that screen.

It was an error for the same customer. Good to know about the bank reconciliation, thanks. Bookkeeping is not my strength, as you may have noticed :slight_smile:

Seeing the line by line in Reports helped me to see the error that wasn’t clear in the EMC balance. I’m just happy to have the problem cleared up.

What @Brucanna is trying to get at is that you haven’t necessarily cleared things up, only hidden a problem or “kicked the can down the road.” You should not be editing a transaction to show a zero amount received just to fix an automatic credit situation. He asked whether that was a real transaction. If it was, it must remain, and the problem lies elsewhere.

In double entry accounting, everything has to balance or you dig yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. If there really was a transaction for $74.40, why was it there? Whose account should it have been posted to? You may have another client incorrectly shown in arrears.

I appreciate learning more. But really, my business is very small, and I know who owes me what and for what work. I am just learning how to keep my own books. The $74.40 was there because I was trying to correctly enter GST amounts and include them in the invoiced amount sent to the client. So I know, absolutely, that the $74.40 was there due to my learning process and nothing else.

I see this as a learning process, and as me preparing for the time when I grow to incredible prosperity in the future.

Have you got that sorted out now ?
You only need to consider GST when creating the Sales Invoice. Ignore any GST considerations when the Customer is paying you for that invoice.

You also should know that you don’t have to enter GST amounts. Enable a built-in tax code, or create a custom code if yours isn’t in the list. All you have to do then is check a box and Manager takes care of the rest, including how much you owe to the government. See the Guides: