Custom Reports

A quick question - Once you create a Custom Report how do you save it in that section so you don’t have to constantly recreate the report. I basically created a Journal report showing both the debits and credits. I exported it as explained but how do you save it so it shows up under the Custom Reports list. I also noted that i a journal report had been created but I don;t see that new report either even though I have installed the latest version of Manager. Thanks for your help… .

Val Landry

Currently, I don’t think you can save Custom Reports.
Where did you note that a Journal report had been created ?

In the search options I clicked on Custom Reports and one of the posted items indicated a journal report was in progress and had been completed.

I believe you are mistaken. Various reports have been suggested. But the reports you see under Reports tab are the only ones available for the tabs you have enabled.

There were postings about journal entry queries. This query will return a listing of journal entries lines that can be exported:

SELECT * FROM JournalEntryLines

Thank you for the clarification.

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