Editing a reconciled bank transaction (suggestion)

Suggestions regarding editing reconciled bank transactions.
Import a bank statement - using bank rules.
Do a bank reconciliation - success
Subsequently discover that a receipt/payment needs to be split. (eg a fee needs to be recorded)
Go into edit - change the allocation amount on the existing line and add a new line of information
The total of the the two lines should be the same as the original imported entry otherwise there is no longer a bank reconciliation.

1 The original receipt or payment amount is not shown on the screen - can this be done to avoid spoiling the bank reconciliation?
2 Maybe a warning that the edited transaction does have the same balance as the original? And the difference?
3 Maybe a warning if the edited transaction will cause the successful bank reconciliation to fail?

Thank you

I agree this is an issue.

One way to solve this would be to introduce new field called transaction total or similar. Then line items total would be required to match this total. If line items don’t add up to total, difference would be posted to Suspense account rather than changing transaction total.


I like that idea. It would avoid copying the original transaction amount to another section for cross check to the total of the new lines. Perhaps the transaction total of imported bank account transactions can be set to read only.

You might also consider a red difference figure like in journal entries.

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Thanks Lubos.
A field called “transaction total” is good. Initially in BLACK?
If there is no balance it should be in RED
If the Edit is accepted without a balance then Manager should/could add a balance entry allocated to Suspense.

When I import bank transactions, I have to allocate these transactions. When the transaction is allocated to one G/L account, supplier or customer, it is no problem.

However when the transaction has to be split into two or more transactions a problem might arise.

Suppose I receive € 1000 that needs to be allocated to three different accounts.

The moment I change the amount on the first line to e.g. € 300,- for the first account, I still need to allocate the remaining € 700,-. Manager doesn’t tell me the remaining balance to be allocated. Suppose I allocate another € 300,- and finally the last allocation of € 500,- I allocated € 100,- too much. Manager doesn’t warn me that I have over-allocated € 100,-. The result is that my bankbalance in Manager is wrong.

It would be great if Manager would tell us the remaining balance to be allocated so that it prevents the users from making mistakes. It would be great if Manager would only accept the transaction if the remaining balance is zero. It took me a couple of hours to find the mistake made by one of my clients.

Is there a change that this could be implemented because this risk affects ALL users.

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@Hennie, I’ve combined your suggestion with this existing ideas topic.

This would be very much like the current feature showing imbalance on journal entries.

I have a work around for this problem which is not great but helps to avoid the bank rec problem.
Go to Settings- Custom Field - Payment or Receipt - New Custom Field
Call it “Original Value” or whatever
A new field will appear on all Receipts and Payments
Most of the time I ignore the field but if I need to split an allocation I firstly enter the original amount in that field and after splitting the allocation double check. Since this I have avoided mucking up the bank rec.

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Added to the latest version (21.11.77).

Both receipts and payments have new Fixed total field.


When importing bank statements, this field will be automatically checked and transaction total filled in. This will make sure receipt and payment total will be always this amount even if split total on transaction lines is different.

If fixed total amount does not match split total amount, the difference will show in Out of balance field.

Out of balance amount will be posted to Suspense account. Similar how we handle out of balance journal entries.


A nice addition.
I have always minimised the chance of errors by using Managrrs feild arithmatic.

  • add a second line
  • Enter the correct amount in the second line
  • copy that amount
  • goto the first line amount cell type minus “-“ then paste the copied amount
  • total balances again.
  • the procedure can be repeated for multiple lines

I assume the user can over ride this total. I sometimes combine payments into one. My bank limits the maximum transaction I can do. I Combine the part transaction into one then split that over multiple lines depending on the details of the actual purchase.

@Patch that would work for tax inclusive amounts without using qty / unit price which I suspect would be most transactions but not all. Also, you need to think what you are doing and not lose trail while making splits. This addition requires a little less thinking while editing transactions which is a good thing.

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Manager shows the calculation in each cell so keeping track is not that hard.

It adds another level of checking similar to continuing to use reconciliation each quarter.

Thank you Lubos. Just tested this improvement out and it is great. I can now delete the custom field work around. Thanks again.

Thanks for this feature. It reduces a very potential risk on mistakes.

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