Split transactions for Bank Rules

When allocating a bank transaction, via a bank rule, can you have a transaction split based on value?

For Example:
A Telstra Bill comes in monthly at $322.48
It would be allocated to the various related accounts
Internet $79.99
Landline Phone $15.00
Landline Phone Calls $68.50
Mobile Phone $99.00
Foxtel $59.99 (Private)

Additionally, if a value is different each time, such as Phone Calls, that could overflow to a particular category that has variable billings.

No, you can’t do that. Bank rules post transactions to only one account. But after it is created, before the update is done, you can edit the transaction to add lines and split it yourself.

One also wonders whether such splitting is necessary. Why not a single telecommunications account? What useful management information is obtained? Don’t make yourself a slave to your accounting program. Is there any decision that will depend on knowing how much is spent on mobile versus landline calls, especially since you already know how they break out on a regular basis?

I think splitting would be a great thing to have. As a sole trader, my phone bill has to be split every month - personal vs business usage. I have to remember to go back to the imported transaction and amend.

And while we are on the subject of Bank Rules…can we please have the ability to assign a Tracking Code to the rule itself :sunglasses:

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I have been thinking about this myself for quite some time ,for similar reason as @clive , you need to split the transactions and it would be handy if Bank Rules can accommodate this.

eg Split drawing / Business use as mentioned
eg split non GST component / GSt Component - Phone telco if you have a mobile repayment on plan then that part is usually GST free and shouldn’t change each bill
eg rego on vehicles have non GST/ GSt split usually

These are some example when handy to have split on bank rule but as in all things, the down side of having split in bank rule is that non GST component can change each bill / renewal so one would need to edit the bank rule before recording .
This may be in part why @lubos has not implemented to date as mistakes can happen easily .
however for entries that never change eg I have a client that claims a pro-rata on rent paid as his unit is his place of business being a computer repair man and has a room strictly setup as his workshop with permission from Owner,… that split would be good to have as a bank rule as it happens weekly. The tracking code addition would be a great idea as well.

If coding to facilitate this modification to bank rules would slow the overall functionality of manager then I would not be in favor of implementing as it just means a bit more effort and attention is required by us at time of doing entry and bank recs

but still well worth considering as the program continuities to evolve for the better .

This is definitely good idea and something that has been lingering on my mind for a while. It’s something I consider important. For now, I’m putting this into ideas category. I know there are quite a few topics under ideas but be assured I’m chewing through it.

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Hi @lubos
Sorry for not having said thank you sooner. your response is much appreciated.

@lubos any news on when this will be implemented? Would also be great to be able to have the same functionally with manual entries similar to how discount works for quotes but the percentage should be a part of the total amount instead of only for the rows.

Any ETA on this feature? Using bank rules to split would be great, for instance I could have the bank rule split my cell phone or internet bill transactions into the proper percentages for personal versus business use. Doing it manually now, which isn’t a problem, but this would be a great feature for some of us.

@lubos this would be great if you could create a bank rule which would split a transaction percentage wise or a certain amount to one account and the rest to another.