Check on banktransactions

When I import bank transactions, I have to allocate these transactions. When the transaction is allocated to one G/L account, supplier or customer, it is no problem.

However when the transaction has to be split into two or more transactions a problem might arise.

Suppose I receive € 1000 that needs to be allocated to three different accounts.

The moment I change the amount on the first line to e.g. € 300,- for the first account, I still need to allocate the remaining € 700,-. Manager doesn’t tell me the remaining balance to be allocated. Suppose I allocate another € 300,- and finally the last allocation of € 500,- I allocated € 100,- too much. Manager doesn’t warn me that I have over-allocated € 100,-. The result is that my bankbalance in Manager is wrong.

It would be great if Manager would tell us the remaining balance to be allocated so that it prevents the users from making mistakes. It would be great if Manager would only accept the transaction if the remaining balance is zero. It took me a couple of hours to find the mistake made by one of my clients.

Is there a change that this could be implemented because this risk affects ALL users.

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@Hennie, once upon a time there use to be a “notes” field on the receipts form where you could temporarily record the 1,000 while you did the account allocation and reconcile, now you have to use a scrap of paper, perhaps on the back of a received envelope - great scraps of paper.