Split transaction -> keep total

On in (imported) bank transaction, you can split different amounts on different accounts.
However, it’s very easy to make a mistake. If the total differs, it doesn’t give a warning.

I think splitting and editting are 2 different actions
Editing should change the amount of the transaction.
Splitting should not change the amount of the transaction, and should check if the total amout equals that of the transaction.

It would actually be nice to have some auto-balancing calulator when splitting

[Transaction 1   100.00]
[  Books              80.00    vat:  6%]
[  Paper              20.00    vat: 21%]

Another request is to show the actual tax amounts (tax components in the future):

[Transaction 1   100.00]
[  Books           80.00    vat: 6%  ] (75.47, 4.53@6% ) 
[  Paper           20.00    vat: 21% ] (16.53, 3.47@21%)

Or (underneath):
[Transaction 1   100.00]
[  Books           80.00    vat:  6.00% ]
                  (75.47)        (4.53)
[  Paper           20.00    vat: 21.00% ]
                  (16.53)        (3.47)


[Transaction 1   100.00]                   amount    vat 6%    vat 21%
[  Books          80.00    vat: 6%  ]       75.47      4.53
[  Paper          20.00    vat: 21% ]       16.53                 3.47
Total:           100.00                        92      4.53       3.47

This has been mentioned before, see:

I’m actually planning to implement this by end of this month.

Ah great thanks. Didn’t see that. Super awesome great work on manager. It really is the best I’ve seen.

What is the best way to accomplish this in a non-destructive way?
What I mean is, I rather keep the bank record untouched and make some other kind of booking referencing the bank transaction. Is that possible? Perhaps a feature request?

For example: I have a bank transaction of 100. Now I would like to add a pdf invoice of my internet provider to that transaction, but not under the bank account section. Shouldn’t my internet invoice be a purchase order (with an invoice), referencing the bank transaction?
Under purchases I can select the bank account but I can’t select the transaction.
There I can allocate 20% of the amount to private and 80% to business internet expenses.

When an imported bank transaction needs to be split between posting accounts, you have no choice but to edit the imported transaction and add a line (or lines). For example, if the transaction is an outgoing cheque, the bank account will be credited with a single posting for the full amount. The individual line items will debit the selected accounts for the split amounts. So the record of the amount withdrawn from the bank will be “untouched” as it will be the amount of the transaction.

You will not be doing that. You will attach the PDF to the payment form in the Receipts & Payments tab.

No. A purchase order places an order with a supplier. The imported bank transaction will be a payment. Now, if you entered a purchase invoice when you received the bill, the purchase invoice line item would have been posted to a suitable expense account. The payment transaction will be posted to Accounts payable. You do not need to reference the bank transaction because what you are entering into Manager will be the bank transaction—a payment.

I do not know what you mean by this. There is no tab or form named “purchases.” If you are referring to a payment in the Receipts & Payments tab, you cannot select a transaction because you are in the process of entering the transaction.

Okay, thank you for the explanation.
I will just edit the bank transaction.