Letters not showing clearly

I opened my manager software which I downloaded two days ago only to find out that the letters aren’t showing well.
I have Uninstall and reinstall but the problem still persist

What operating system and hardware are you using?

Also photos of screen are not that helpful - it is much better to use a screen capture tool such as Snip in Windows

This looks like a font substitution issue. Is this a new computer? Did you make any operating system changes? In particular, did you remove any fonts?

This is a new laptop ,I downloaded the app after getting it. And I install some new font on the system

Windows 10 pro

I am using Windows 10 Home and the font I get is Arial as the helvetica fonts are missing and not installed by Microsoft

Do you have the Arial font installed?

Make sure you screen resolution is set up correctly


Thanks for your reply. I have both font you mentioned and y screen resolution is correctly set I don’t still get the issue

The problem really is with the font you use on your computer. Also wonder why new computer comes with Windows 10 rather than Windows 11.

Okay . I don’t want to delete all font because I don’t know which is the default windows font

The issue is not deleting fonts, unless you deleted one the program uses. The issue is making sure you have the fonts the program needs.

Okay . Thanks
I don’t know the font the program is using to make it look like that

The only time the developer addressed default font selection for screen displays that I know of was here. Check to see if you have those font families installed.

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Thanks for your help .I have all the font listed in that link installed on my laptop but am still facing the same issue

This is a guess, but I wonder if the new font you installed hasn’t replaced/overwritten your Arial or Helvetica fonts or corrupted them somehow. Is the problem only in Manager, or does it happen in other places where you use these fonts? If the problem is in all programs then my suggestion would be to reinstall the Helvetica and Arial font families.

Edit: it may be another reason that the fonts are broken/corrupted, so it still might be worth reinstalling them.

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Thank you very much for the reply .I will try what you said. it only happen with manager

@Dahel123 the fonts Manager is using will be in this order:

  1. Helvetica Neue
  2. Helvetica
  3. Arial
  4. sans-serif

If Helvetica Neue not available, then Helvetica, then Arial, then any sans-serif font.

Helvetica is not included on Windows by default. Most likely you might have installed some Helvetica named font that looks nothing like Helvetica.

Go to Font Settings screen on your Windows computer that looks like this:

And search for Helvetica to see what results you get and report back.


Thanks for your reply . I have all the listed font but I will delete them and re-download again

Thanks . I deleted all helvetica font and it’s okay now

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