Need Help, Words show as outlines

Hi, i am faceing the problem words shows me outline and its hurting eyes how i can fix that please help. Thank you

Not very clear what you are talking about - what words?

Please show a screen image of what you are referring to

This is probably a problem for your operating system to solve

Please have look i think here you see the clearly. Heading are shows in outline if you see on left side words its bold and clear on the right side its shows only black outlines.

That is rather weird. Can you tell us what version of Manager you are using and your Windows version?

Probably got something to do with the fonts selected by your browser rather than OS but …


Your versions are probably fine. Manager is on the latest version and Windows is up to date.

Here’s a troubleshooting suggestion, no guarantee it will even help: try dragging the Summary tab from Manager into a browser. Does the text still display funny? If so, open your browser’s developer tools and see if you can find out why. Look at any CSS properties and defaults applied to the text.

What version of manager are you using - Desktop, Cloud, Server, …

What is your default browser?

Try different browser(s)

Manager is on the latest version

How do you know that?

If you look at the first screenshot, he appears to be using the Desktop Edition.
So while opening tabs in different browsers might be useful for troubleshooting it’s unlikely to solve the problem.

Because I checked on the download page and compared his version number

Sorry, didn’t look close enough at his screen shot.

I’d say this is a problem of the fonts selected in Windows. I note that he is using Windows 10 Enterprise so the defaults may be set by an administrator somewhere

Yes, its desktop edition but i did not change any fonts settings.

there is no solution for it???

What happened when you used different browser.
To do so with the desktop version on windows

  • Open Manager desktop

  • Right click on a link and choose “Open in a new window”

  • That will result in your default browser displaying the Manager desktop content

  • You can also paste a link into any other browser you have installed on your computer

in every browser its shows same as on desktop.

As I use the same version of Windows and Manager, and do not have a problem, it would seem to be a problem of the fonts and/or themes used on your PC

Have a look through the Settings

Is this a problem which has just happened recently and everything was OK before? or have you just installed Manager?

Look at the default font settings on your browser. Manager picks some settings up there.

@Usman_Butt there is different program that looks the same as manager in many if not all appearance. I used that program too and it gave the same bugs as yours, but i unistalled it. for real manager I dont think if that happens. if you downloaded that program by mistake it might interfere

i tried everything reset browser settings windows setting but nothing change its same as it is. @Hosea_Leonard i downloaded from manager website i don’t thing so that is different manager but you send me manager link i will download that manager and tried that.