Detect duplicate reference numbers

When I’m creating bulk declarations or other entries, I usually have some unique identifier, which I fill in the “Reference” field / column.
When I’m copy/pasting things from my creditcard statements → manager, I sometimes need to do a month twice, as I had to import an incomplete month bc of tax filings.

To prevent duplicates, and make it easier by simply being able to just paste everything everytime, I’d like manager to detect pre-existing reference numbers.

In the confirmation screen (which actually needs some updates for UUID fields like expense payer, but that’s another story), I’d be great if existing reference numbers would be marked, and if there was an option to unselect them using checkboxes (and a button to simply uncheck all duplicates).

Another way to fix this, would be to have a button to find duplicate entries in the expense claims screens as a search option. Then I could simply use the bulk delete for duplicates.

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Manager already has duplicate detection capabilities for imported bank statements. Is there a reason you are not importing your credit card statement this way?

Because the bank account is not my company’s bankaccount. The bank accounts are being imported properly.
These transactions are expense claims by a private cc.

Correct but that is not to OP topic

I agree that would require a new program feature

I agree that is probably the easiest way for Manager to Manage the possibility of duplicate reference numbers. As it is covers their generation from any source and could be applied where ever reference numbers are used.

I’ve put this into ideas.

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It maybe sensible to change the thread title to something like:
“Detect / prevent duplicate reference numbers”

As a solution applicable to areas beyond batch create of expense claims is probably desirable.

Finding duplicates would also address these threads. Looking at them I wonder if having this as a search option in custom reports maybe the most efficient.

Perhaps a modification of the existing Inventory Items duplication feature could be adapted
0 Invent Duplicates

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Yes, finding out you have a duplicate after you have created it is not has good as identifying it right at the beginning. The same way the codes come up when you type in a sales quote, the items could come up when you type in the code for a new inventory item?

The latest version (23.4.12) shows yellow notice when there is a duplicate.


When you click the notice, the list is filtered so the first duplicates are shown. Duplicates are identified either by reference numbers (in case of transactions) or codes (in case of customers, suppliers, employees, items etc.)


Dear @lubos , I’m very glade to hear this new improvement
But when try it in the test business, I could not see any yellow notice.
(please pardon me if my understanding is wrong)


Current desktop version is

Maybe restart your Cloud version

Thank you @Joe91
I’ve restarted the cloud
for me the version is now
it is working as explained by @lubos

Very good improvement :+1:

It seems to only work on Sales invoices. I tried purchase invoice, receipts and payments there with duplicate reference numbers but there was no detection of duplicates by manager.

Images below:

Am using the server edition version 23.4.12

Try updating. There were apparently several releases that date.

I downloaded the latest version today to do the entries I posted earlier.

As I said, there have been more than one release. What is your full version number? There will be another three digits.

Full version number

see post above by @Shan where it works when updating to version the 764 is not yet ok.