A way to find transaction reference discrepancies

Manager currently offers no way of identifying and correcting errors in transaction referencing such as:

  • Duplicate transaction numbers. @lubos already suggested an alert, which would work perfectly.
  • Transactions without numbers.
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Just an idea if it is possible … I have some users who make duplicated transactions like invoices/receipts
so as per the title of this post as i understand, Can Manager have alerts (after a trigger) (like when you try to post the same thing you just posted on Facebook you get a warning that you just posted it) that the user just created the same invoice if the amount is the same for the same client at the same date?

I hope that I explained the idea well, Thank you!

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You need to get your users to improve their workflows so that once an invoice is raised, whatever they used to generate the invoice (email, letter, sales order,…) is marked so that they do not generate a duplicate

I don’t agree with you @Joe91, Due to the emerging issues in tax administration in nations in the world (e-invoicing etc), it has become critical for software to find ways to warn of duplicates or at least bring duplicates to your notice. When you create a duplicate user name, it is highlighted in red. Manager can also highlight in red duplicate reference numbers.

I agree only to the extent that the same reference number has been dulicated.


It is important that duplicates not be prevented. I have encountered many situations where a business buys the same things from the same supplier several times per day.

But the Reference number is different.

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Not everyone uses reference numbers.

That is not good accounting practice at all. Do those clients face tax audits? It is far better to leave the reference field blank than to give yourself the trouble by using the same reference number for multiple transactions.


I didn’t suggest you should be able to have duplicate reference numbers. I said duplicates should not be prevented. Then, when it was suggested references would be different, I pointed out that not everyone uses them. The discussion was recently revived with a suggestion to prohibit duplicate receipts, among other transactions. But there are many situations in which the same receipt from the same customer could ne correct on the same day.

I agree the definition of what is a “duplicate entered in error” varies depending on each individual businesses normal practice, so what each business expects to find when doing a search for duplicates will vary. As a result a simple search for duplicates will create more issues than it solves. Although I suppose it would be possible to have a duplicate search which allows he user to choose which fields must match to be a duplicate.

However in my opinion the real issue is: in some jurisdictions the reference number must always be unique. A better solutions for this would be for the business to configure the reference number as “Always system generated”. Then after that options was successfully set, no checking would ever be required by the users.

So really a notification that “This reference number has been used in a previous transaction, continue, Yes or No”, would suffice?

If you have automatic non-reuseable reference numbers, what happens if you subsequently delete a transaction?

I think that trying to cater for the myriad of different scenarios will only make Manager unwieldy and more complicated to use

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Either that, or a way to find duplicates.

When importing personal creditcard statements (for expense claims), an error is very easily made by importing the same thing. As there is no way to import and let that do some deduplication like bankstatements, there’s only add in bulk

This solves the issue.

I’m closing this topic.