Accounting of each serial number of product in Manager

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@lubos @Tut

So what’s wrong with using custom fields to store serial number information?

have some ideas on it and wanted to share with u

hope u will understand the point i want to share u n others. @lubos @Tut

Nothing, as far as a single transaction is concerned.

But @manishkumarshivam is suggesting sub-ledgers within sub-ledgers, so you can track and access individual units of any given inventory item throughout the program, from order to purchase to receipt to sale to delivery to payment. The ramifications seem extensive to me.

i read many topics many of them like to have this kind of features so that every thing they put in Manger is get accounted for. its bit complex but useful as I saw Manager evolving day by day . but this feature will be totally optional in inventory items so anyone who like to opt for it can use it. Pardon me for on paper designed pics but couldnt resist myself to present my thought like this on the platform. it will help every people using manager.

that will be very useful feature, i will buy it as extra module even i have to pay for it.

i sell couple of thousand batteries per year, it is very important to keep record of serial numbers, it will help to claim/reject warranties and also it help to find fake/duplicate serial numbers.

in many wetwares, serialize products modules are available as optional

I think that we all need to wait and see what the new APIs will bring us. Maybe we will be able to develop custom modules ourselves.

true @Davide but api will only help server edition and cloud users. this forum is about all users.
the way it is working now is flawless for now… as topics are discussed in the forum and @lubos bring the changes as required.
Its ok for me the way @lubos works and i dont want to design modules and most of them.
here people ask about how to code the themes so do u really think people will able to design modules here.
it will create a chaos here in the forum

That’s fine @manishkumarshivam. I was just saying that if anyone has specific needs can pay for a commercial license and develop his custom module. We cannot pretend always to have everything for free and for yesterday

I sell thousands anti hijacking pepper spray systems and units per year, it is very important to keep record of serial numbers, it will help claims reject warranties and insurance claims and also help to find fake and duplicate serial numbers.

@lubos really needed ur view on this. can we expect this in future.
@Tut Is it possible to expect this suggestion in ideas category so it can be seen in released version in near future?

The original subject was the ability to add multiple lines of text in line-item custom fields. That was already implemented. Since then, the subject has wandered into something that would require complete restructuring of all modules relating to inventory in the program. So, even if the new concept that has crept in, multi-layer inventory identities, gets implemented, it won’t be in the near future.

The purpose of moving topics to the ideas category is not to schedule their development or release, but only to allow discussion.

ohhh… ok thanks @tut… then i think its better to wait if there is chance of restructuring. i know it will hectic job for @lubos too…

I still don’t understand why this needs to be an in-built feature? What benefit would you get over using custom fields?

My view is that if you know serial number and want to find out which customer has bought the item with that serial number, you should just search across sales invoice lines to find the invoice.

The only missing piece is that it’s not currently possible to search across sales invoice lines. But once that is added, you will be able to find the sales invoice easily.

I can think of two use cases for serialized inventory both of them apply to myself and I am sure others.

  1. I purchase license keys for software in bulk. It would be very helpful to input the keys as bought and have the ability to issue them onto an invoice.

  2. we are a VOIP provider and merchant service provider. My phones and credit card machines are provisioned by MAC address or serial number. Often I am traveling and have no idea what is physically in stock on my shelf.

I know many large equipment sales companies such as Tractors and lawn equipment track sales by serial for their floor plan financing.

It will be easy to track individual product that from which supplier it was bought and to which customer it was sold.
If this idea is being being implemented , as of today many of the products we see in the market comes with lot or serial number.
this will help the business owner to easily track down their product using the trail it will make with using serial number of the stock.

It seems to be bit complicated @lubos but almost every other accounting software in the market provides this kind of features to help the business owner.