Warning if duplicate customers


Still i am facing problem with Duplicate Customers,Suppliers,Employee

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What problem are you facing ?


Still Manager Accept duplicate account,customer,Supplier And employe

You can have two customers with the same name - John Smith @ Appletown and John Smith @ Orangetown.
You can have two suppliers with the same name - John Smith the Plumber and John Smith the Electrician.
You can have two employees with the same name - John Smith the Father and John Smith the Son.

Checking the Customer. Supplier, Employee tab prior to clicking “New” for an existing matching listing should resolve any potential conflicts.

I try to add 4 supplier like

Manager accept all without warning

All for chart of account or non inventory item,Facing same problem

But for inventory its good,ask me to merage


I cant see There are duplicates in this view.Find & merge in customer , employee ,Chart of Accounts

Only i can see it in inventory item .
For that when i create duplicate account or employee manager accept and shown the message.


But why would you want to try and add the same supplier 4 times…
A check of the Supplier tab listing would tell you that it already exists, so don’t re-add it.

Same with the Non-Inventory Item, check the listing first before doing any adding.

With Chart of Accounts, you may want to have two accounts with the same name.
Say Wages under Manufacturing group and Wages under Warehouse group.

For Inventory it is totally different, you can’t have two identical items because of the involvement of quantities, but with customer, supplier, employee, non-inventory item & chart of account there are no quantity involvement - just the possibility of actual multiple usage as previously illustrated

If one can’t do the simple process of checking the appropriate tab listing first, before doing any adding, then they are only unnecessarily creating work for themselves.

@dalco, you don’t even need to go to Suppliers tab to check before adding a new supplier. When you enter a purchase invoice or other form that involves a supplier, start typing the name into the Supplier field. If the supplier is in the system, the auto-complete function will bring the supplier up as a possibility. If not, you will see “No matches found.” The same is true with customers (for sales invoices, etc.), employees (for payslips), and so forth. In fact, inventory items is the only place where this does not occur that I know of.

Because people, companies, and non-inventory items can have the same names, the program allows you to add codes to distinguish them, as well.


For chart of account i have same account in same group
Let say - Concrete under Construction Material Cost
if i add another account holding same name and under Construction Material Cost.
Manager accepting the new account even if i have same account

This is not good way

Manager must be not accept any duplicate name for any employee or customer or suppliers or non inventory item .

Because i have more when thousand supplier

Lets say name is Hani Ahmed
Other Name Rami Ahmed
Other Name Sami Ahmed

may be i can make duplicate name and manager accept
In this case amount will go to other supplier

Any way as i told you this is not the correct way to check before adding any customer or employee or account.

Thanks so much

@dalco, we have explained several examples of why the program allows duplication. Suppose you have a supplier, Hani Ahmed, an electrician. You have another supplier, Hani Ahmed, a painter. Would you want to be prevented from doing business with the painter because he has the same name as the electrician? I do not think so. So you give the first Hani a code, something like HA-Elect. You give the second Hani a code like HA-Paint. These codes show when you search and you can tell the two apart.

Why not? Whenever you do business with a supplier, the first thing they ask many times is, “Do you have an account with us?” Sometimes they then have to ask, “What is your address?” They may have two or more customers in their records with the same name. There is nothing wrong with you doing the same thing.

Whatever you think is the correct way, Manager is not going to be changed to prevent duplicate names.

As for the chart of accounts, this is entirely under your control. Charts of accounts should not be modified frequently. And there could be reasons someone wanted identical names, but with different account codes. Manager is a tool. Like many tools, it can be misused. But it also provides great flexibility.


I am not using codes with chart of account or any suppliers or customers

Then perhaps you should, since they solve your problem. That is why they are there.

Well yes i am also facing the issue with the customer names. No doubt i get what @Tut is saying about the autocomplete but still there must be a setting or a check box to avoid duplicates. Or at least there should be an option to auto generate customer code to avoid duplicating. For example, i am going to use Manager for my school. I consider every student as a customer, there is no option for auto generated codes so i may put some same codes for customers with same names by mistake, and i wont get a clue. As you know student strength is high, which means more customers and in turn more errors. I would be happier if some way i am notified that the customer is duplicate or the code is not unique, or any feature by which customer code is auto allotted. Any suggestions?