Detect duplicate reference numbers

I’m really sorry @eko and other members,
I also tried it with the sales invoice only earlier. It was working and it is working.
But after this post I tried with other tabs including purchase invoices, payments, receipts
Seems not working. (FYI, I tried reference field only)

@lubos kindly check and send the latest update that is consistent with this new feature across all transactions. Thank you.

I have upgraded to the server edition the problem still persists.

Duplicate reference numbers are not reported on all other transactions apart from Sales invoices.

as Daniel_Arthur said, I noticed the same status with the current version (cloud

Duplicate reference number not shown on Payment and Purchase Invoices. Other tabs seems working. Version

Duplicate reference number not shown on any tab without journal entries.

Purchase invoices (sales invoices from suppliers) are typically issued with reference numbers; most businesses use those reference numbers as the reference in their systems.

To avoid duplicate references with this method (which I doubt will occur), prefix the reference number with the supplier’s code or something unique to each supplier. The benefit of this method is that Statements and Purchase data include the original references (from suppliers), making reconciliation and invoice searching easier for both parties.

If you don’t want duplicates for journal entries, set the referencing to auto.