Date selector disappearing off screen

See the attached screenshot…

I don’t remember this happening before updating recently. I assume the date-picker CSS styles are making it too tall. As a result, you can’t navigate between months without manually typing in the date.

Is your software up to date? This was a problem for the Mac edition several months ago, but was resolved.

Yep. At least it was when I downloaded a week ago. Version 16.4.56 for Mac. I didn’t have the problem before this, when I was using a version from around November last year.

I see the problem. This occurs whenever the date selection calendar is too close to the top of the entry screen. On sales invoices, quotes, and most reports, it is not a problem. But on the new reconciliation statement, Fixed Asset Summary, and a few others, the date field is too close to the top and the software apparently doesn’t recognize this and adjust its position. If I remember, this is exactly the same behavior reported earlier. I may be wrong that it was fixed.

I’m not sure I’ve found all relevant forum topics, but here was one: Problems after upgrade.

I am inviting @lubos to join this topic.

This was an issue in desktop edition and only on Mac OS X. It’s fixed in the latest version (16.4.79)

Thanks Tut. And thanks Lubos for fixing it so promptly. The date picker now appears in front of the top menu.