Problems after upgrade

I just upgraded from 15.7.39 to 16.3.54 on an Ubuntu desktop version. All my previous “GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS” reports have vanished. The list is completely empty. So far as I can tell, all the other report types that have been generated are still there.

I attempted to recreate the current worksheet, and discovered that the date selection calendar (ie after clicking in the “From” date field) is now partly hidden behind the top of screen menu bar so its month / year selection tools are not available. I can still manually enter the appropriate date in the textbox, I just can’t mouse the control to the next or previous month etc.

Are the reports actually saved somewhere, or are they just recreated on the fly whenever one seeks to look at them? If I used the Software Centre to uninstall the application, and then reinstall the 15.7.39 file, would the reports (and other settings) come back?