Date Picker strange behaviour

  • The date picker does not allow me to select 3 Oct 2021, other dates work as expected (tested other dates near it and a same day in other weeks).

  • Typing 3/10/2012 results in it being shown as 2/10/2021

  • The resultant report range shows as 3/10/2021

  • As does the actual report when viewed

  • Tested with Manager desktop v.21.9.33 on Windows 7, 64 bit with current webview2. Same results with Manger server 64 bit v21.6.17 using Firefox 64 bit current version.

In image format
Date format
01 number format

Selecting 3 Oct 2021, pointer not shown in screen capture but same image after selected

Updating report shows 3 Oct not date picker displayed 2 October
03 Report definition

As does report view

guess this issue is restricted to Report Transformation report.
i am not using report transformations so I checked random tabs and the date (3rd Oct) appear as selected on ver21.9.26

For me it is a more general behaviour.

  1. Created new test business

  2. Enabled receipts and payments

  3. Created a receipt on 3 Oct 2021

  4. Again date picker does not allow selection of 3 October but other areas of program show it as selected

In image format
Selecting 3 October 2021 not allowed
10 Receipt date picker

Resultant receipt shows as selected

that is strange. i set the date and number format to match yours from post#1 in my test business.
even tested opening as a new tab in Firefox x64.
still cannot reproduce this issue.
Windows 10 Pro - Build 19043 - current webview2

I also tried to replicate this behavior (on a Mac, but otherwise as @Patch described). I could not.

Thanks for testing.
It is hard to know how general a problem is without a variety of people testing.
Perhaps it is just a widows 7 thing.

but i am facing another strange issue with few recent versions now. i had sent a pm to @lubos explaining it but maybe he missed it. @Tut can you please merge the pm to this topic. i have already sent you the invite.
i think such issues are related to webview2 in Windows.

@sharpdrivetek, I reviewed the other topic in your PM. It addresses something quite different from date picker behavior, so I am not merging it with this topic. However, since you wanted it on the public forum, I will move it.

thank you. yes it is a different issue but i believe the root cause for it might be the same. i am not entirely sure though. will need an opinion from Lubos.

Hi all,

Any idea why I can’t set any date fields as the 3rd of October 2021? It always jumps back to the 2nd of October, regardless of whether I click the date picker or type the date in manually.
Found this when entering an invoice, and then tested in a few other places (payments, expense claims, billable time) and found the same result.

Could it be some issue with DST starting on that date?


Cheers for any help!

@hijomojo, your post was merged with an existing topic.

Cheers, Tut. Didn’t find this one before creating mine

Forgot this in my OP. Just in case it helps tracing back the bug, my experience is in Manager desktop v.21.9.29

Issue exists the same, too, in Chrome 94.0.4606.61, Firefox 91.0.1, and Edge 94.0.992.38. This is all in Windows 10, 21H1, b19043.1165

I’ve just updated to Manager Desktop v21.10.2.
Looks like this issue is fixed now

Fixed in the latest version (21.10.2)