Date window Bug Mac

Hi, I seem to have this issue with the date drop down/up box. The top is chopped off so I can’t move to another month.

Try updating your software. There was a bug at about version 16.3.38 that affected several functional and display attributes on Macs. That has been fixed. I’m not sure if your particular problem was caused by that bug, but it may have been. At any rate, the behavior you show does not occur on 16.3.40.

Thanks Tut, I have downloaded Manager 16.3.45 and the problem still exists. Where is happens is Purchase Invoice in the top date box.


I can confirm I see this also and it is not affected by window size.

Yes, I can see it, too. It apparently happens only on purchase invoices due to the date field being at the top (unlike, for example, on sales invoice). Until @lubos can fix this, a workaround is simply to type the date into the box.

Could you let me know if this issue is not resolved within 2 weeks? I will be upgrading some dependencies and this issue might go away on its own. If it’s not fixed after two weeks, it means dependencies didn’t fix it and I will need to look into it further.

Yes, I will notify you if the problem is not rectified.