Sales Invoice not showing customer or item (new install)

Just downloaded desktop for mac, and testing invoices.

  • Set up a customer Ok
  • Set up an item Ok

go to sales invoice, no list of customers showing (I have 2 now) and no list of items showing to select from

I’m probably not understanding the workflow here, but I can’t choose a customer, and I can’t enter details.

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing “shows” automatically. You have to click in the field first. Then the list of available entries appears. If this isn’t your issue, can you furnish more details about exactly what you’ve done? Also, I presume from your statement that you set up a customer and an item that you have the Customers tab enabled. When you say you set up an item, what kind of item do you mean? Inventory item, sales invoice item, or purchase invoice item? And how did you do it?

Yes, I clicked the field, the arrow head changes direction .
I created a sales invoice item, I have 2 customers, yet when I click in either of ‘items’ or 'customers, no list appears.

All the tabs are there but not sales items. When I go to customise, there is no entry for ‘sales items’ though. Should there be?


Sales invoice items are not under Customize. There is no separate tab for them. They appear only under Settings. But if you have them, they should be accessible under the Item field when you create an invoice.

When you click on the Customers tab, do you see a list of your two customers? If not, you probably forgot to click Update when you created them.

If you go to Settings > Sales Invoice Items, do you see a list with your item(s)? Again, if not, you probably did not click Update.

If you see both the customer and sales invoice item lists in the tests above, you should definitely see them in the dropdown list when you create a sales invoice. @lubos will probably have to look at your accounting file to see what is wrong.

Thanks for this

yes, i see both sets of items, and have closed and restarted a couple of times.
I also note that the screen does not always refresh cleanly, only rewriting when the mouse cursor has waved down the tabs,
running 10.11.3 of OS x
manager 16.3.37

FWIW I write accounting software for DB2 i and provide support for ‘users’ of such on big machines, so I understand where we’re headed with problem diagnosis. Let me know how I can help.


Whoa! You’ve identified a problem. I am inviting @lubos into this dialog.

Just to make sure nothing weird was happening, I updated from v16.3.21 to v16.3.38 before responding to your post. I’m running OS X 10.11.4. I now see the same problem, only worse. When I attempt to create a new sales invoice, I sometimes see nothing but the down arrows from the entry fields, not even the field outlines. Then, as you say, when I pass the cursor over things, they appear. On some other launches, things appear normally, but the customer and item fields do not show anything in their dropdown boxes.

So something definitely went wrong, at least on the OS X version. @lubos?

Further experimentation shows that you cannot even type a customer name or item name into their respective fields. However, sometimes, after attempting to do so, an entry appears that bears no relationship to what was typed. For example, I started to enter a customer, Al… I got no autocomplete options, but when I went to a different field, a customer Kathy Crouch appeared. Obviously, no common text in those two customers. I could delete the customer who appeared, but not the address.

After closing and relaunching, I observe still different behavior. Now I can type the first few letters of a customer or sales invoice item and have them appear after I leave the field.

The top menu bar also now floats unpredictably when scrolling.

I can’t get popup menus to work on any screen. (Manager 16.3.37)

The arrow turns upside-down as if the popup has been clicked, but no menu appears.

Yes, you are right, @retro. The further we look, the more trouble we see. @lubos should be finishing his coffee shortly, so I think we will see some response. :wink:

This issue was affecting desktop edition on Mac OS X. It’s now fixed in the latest version (16.3.39)

Thanks. I can confirm things now work as before.

Thanks for this.
I’m not at the machine with the install, so I’ll get the latest version and go over the testing again.
Anytime you want some testing done - let me know!