Date entry issues

Sorry if this has been requested before. In previous accounting software (MYOB, which I loathed in most every other respect!) I was able to take some shortcuts with entering dates. For example, if I entered only the day, and tabbed to the next field, it would fill in the month and year based on the previously entered transaction, which was kind of handy when entering multiple transactions. I guess I don’t really mind how Manager defaults to the current date, but one thing that keeps catching me out is when I enter the date with a two-digit year, such as ‘31/7/15’. This, as others have no doubt discovered, creates the date ‘31/07/0015’, which makes no sense in any context.

@lubos, would it be a simple thing to have Manager correctly interpret two-digit year entries as belonging to the current century?

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I didn’t realize this was happening. Anyway I fixed this in the latest version (15.3.78)

Wow is all I can say to your response time here Lubos!! Awesome. I’ll download it now.

Another feature request, while I’m thinking of it… I like how there are those little ‘set default’ links on some data entry fields. But if you’re half way through entering data and you use one of those links to change the default, when you get returned to the form all the data you previously entered is erased. This part I don’t like quite so much. :slight_smile:

(Recommending Manager to others already BTW. Still hard to believe the desktop edition is free. Wishing you every success with the paid editions. I’ve long wanted to move away from the clunky and overly expensive MYOB, and yours is the first accounting program on the Mac which I’ve liked enough to finally make the leap.)

@lubos, I’ve just encountered a bug which is also date-related. It is happening when I’m using the Clone feature to create a new purchase invoice. I noticed that the date automatically incremented by one month, and I was surprised. I wondered if Manager was smart enough to recognise my pattern of monthly purchase invoices from this company. However, when I hit ‘Create’, the preview showed the date as a month earlier (the same as the cloned invoice). The table of purchase invoices does too. But if I go back in to edit the purchase invoice, it still has the correct date! See screenshots:

It seems I have to retype the date to get it to stick.

There’s some other weirdness going on here, because if I go into the original invoice (which I used to clone the second one), it’s also reporting the newer date in the edit window. Even if I change it back to the correct date and hit ‘Update’, if I go back into the edit window, it’s still reporting the wrong date. (Although it appears correctly in the list of purchase invoices.)

Try again the latest version (15.3.79). The date issue should be fixed.

Indeed it is. Incredible turnaround again. Many thanks!