Custom income/expense

I have an income account with group 400 and item 410 likewise and expense code of 1400 and items of 1410-1419
Is it possible to get a report showing all income and all expense for only these accounts.

if I select account code = 141 I can report expenses in the range but not the income. It also selects other expenses such as 2141

Is it possible to achieve such a report another way?

This may help

What do you mean by this? Select an account code where?

I assume he is using:

  • Account code contains 141

But would like to use:

  • Account code is greater than 1409
  • and Account code is less than 1420

I suggest a temporary work around while waiting

Probably not well as explained. I am not an expert at building queries.

The workaround is a messy solution but is fine for my simple needs. So the workaround highlights the problem that needs solving.

Many thanks

Why don’t you export the General Ledger Transactions report to a spreadsheet and just delete the entries for accounts you don’t want? That would be very quick.

If your group 400 & 1400 are actual Chart of Accounts “Group Heading” accounts then under Reports for Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss you can use the feature
0000000 Bug 2

Then clicking inside the panel will display a list, which 400 and 1400 will be displayed.

@Gally, the utility of collapsing groups depends on what you meant by this:

Collased groups on financial statements show only the net of account balances for the group, as though they made up a single account. See the Guide:Collapse account groups in financial reports | Manager.

However, if you are trying to produce a list of transactions posted to the accounts you mentioned, that technique will not work.

The best approach for me is the workaround. I can have a separateor change a report for each accouning group I want to see and copy the report to a spreadsheet for getting a net income figure. Ieally what I would like is a report where you can specify an income and expense accounting group that lists the line items calculationg a total, which the workaround does. Then to calculate a net figure income/expense figure for the groups selected.

I can achieve this by copying the workaround report to a spreadsheet and just add the net calculation.

It seems like Tracking Codes would do the job here - No?