Would Sub Sub Accounts be Possible?

Yes I do mean sub - sub accounts.

As you can see in the picture at the bottom I have created income groups such as Backup Income, Broadband Income, Inventory-Sales etc and same concept with expense accounts. I already have 10 income accounts and 20 expense accounts. I do not want to add more.

However, I would like to be add subcategories to sales-inventory and to inventory - cost, but without them appearing on the profit and loss statement or on the summary page. In short it would be nice to have Expenses as in yellow box, then Client Expenditure which is my group and then inventory - cost which is my sub account under Client Expenditure and then I can click on a plus sign to the left of that and view say Inventory- laptops, inventory - servers etc.

I don’t want to create more income and expense accounts as a: I only want to see inventory sales and inventory cost on summary page and profit and loss and b: because there are enough accounts visible already.

I am currently using tracking codes for my inventory items so when I sell a laptop I select the laptop tracking code. This would work fine for me and in fact allows me to create a profit and loss statement where I can select laptop, server, computers, projectors etc tracking code and it shows me all the income and expenses using those tracking codes. The problem that I have with using tracking codes for inventory is that I have to select the tracking code every time I add an inventory item to purchase invoice or sales invoice because I can’t set the tracking code in inventory.

So could we either have a way to break down an expense and income account like having sub-sub accounts that one could expand by clicking plus sign or could we have an option to set default tracking codes for inventory items.

@lubos I am aware that you want to have tracking codes used for projects rather than for types of sales income and types of expenses. However tracking codes does work very well for breaking down the inventory sales and inventory costs accounts without having to display another ten income and expense accounts on the summary page and profit and loss statements. Sub- sub accounts could also work for me if there was a way to create a report that showed only inventory sales - laptop sub sub account and inventory cost - laptop sub account etc and all the other sub sub accounts under inventory. I am not aware of any report where I can do that other than using tracking codes.

I am not sure of the direction that you are going with sub accounts and control accounts and tracking codes so I have just given you my business example of what I would like to see included in the program. I think it would be very useful to be able to take an income account like inventory sales and an expense account like inventory cost and be able to break those two accounts down and compare the transactions against one another. For example I would like to be able to see what I make from laptop sales versus computers, printers etc kind of thing!

I think my preferred solution would be to have sub-sub accounts where I could click a plus sign next to the main sub account under my group and I can view the totals there, but also have the ability to view specific income and expense accounts in the reports. The one disadadvantage of tracking codes is that you have to create a report to compare - you cannot just click a plus sign.

This will be supported when custom control accounts are implemented which is addressing this exact scenario.

Ok, so thats what custom control accounts are all about. I never really understood what custom control accounts were exactly!

I know that you have this as number three on the roadmap. Would it be possible to move it up to number one, because number one and two won’t affect anything when implemented whereas custom control accounts means having to go back through the year/s and find invoices where you want to change the account from inventory sales to inventory sales - laptop etc! So its ideal to have this implemented sooner rather than later.

What I will need to do is go back and remove tracking codes and change expense and income accounts for all of last year so that everything is in the correct account from day one. Obviously some people who have been using manager for several years may not find it worthwhile to do, but this is my first year of Manager and first year of this company so its worth my time to make the change, providing I don’t have to wait to long for the control accounts feature to be implemented. Thanks.

I love the look & feel of this accounting software.

Unfortunately the software as is, is not usefull for allmost all accounting in Belgium, because we have a ‘Minimal General set of Accounts’ (by law), which uses a lot of sub-sub and sub-sub-sub account etc…
As you can see here: http://www.bibf.be/uploads/documents/doc_2375.pdf

I wanted to use the software for my start-up business in Property Management, for which a specific ‘Minimal General set of Accounts’ was developed (by law), which has even more sub-accounts.

As I work on Mac, my options are restricted & the best solution would have been Manager :’(

This is an older topic. Manager now supports unlimited levels of sub-accounts under Chart of Accounts. Have you tried that?

Basically you can create groups, then create groups which will belong under existing groups and so on. Until the last desired level which will contain accounts.

Marvelous! I had overlooked the sub-group possibility :slight_smile:
Thanks !