Custom report account range

I’m trying to build a custom report which selects transactions from a range of balance sheet accounts, such as:

  • BS account is or is not an “Expense” account
  • BS accounts in or not in a BS account group
  • BS accounts within a range of “Account | code” numbers

Unfortunately I don’t think it is currently possible.

I have looked at the options for Managers “Where …”

  • I can choose “Account | Code” but the operators do not include greater than or less than
  • I can’t choose “Account | Group”
  • I can’t choose “Account | Expense”

Am I missing something?

The best I can think of is to individually exclude all not wanted accounts one at a time using
“Account | Name” “Does not contain” An account name
and hope one of the accounts I want doesn’t contain a string used to identify another account.

Many of the issues you have mentioned have been requested or discussed in this forum previously. I would also like functionality in Custom Reports to be able to select General Ledger Balances in addition to the existing General Ledger Transactions.

In the meantime I have found that adding a unique inconspicuous character to the Account names in the Chart of Accounts for the accounts you require in a particular report is the easiest workaround. For example if you want a report with only Current Assets and Current Liabilities add a dot (Full stop/Period) on the end of these account names.

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