Custom Reports - Display Account / Group Totals Only

I suspect this cannot be done as yet? OK… so this is what I am doing. I have created a custom report to produce what I want with the use of tracking codes. In this instance I wish to display the totals only for each Account or Group. So as an example can the crossed out sections in the image below be suppressed and not displayed in a custom report?




Could this idea be considered please because there is the potential of producing special reports for charitable trusts. These structures in our region require reporting on components which are not explained in the standard Manager P & L reports.
The charity reports need just the specific accounts grouped and totalled without the list of entries that make up the totals.
It is a summary report … backed up by the standard P & L and balance sheet.

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Are you wanting this Financial Statements feature 0%20Reports%20Group%20Collapse under Custom Reports.

Also, I am assuming that your “special report for charitable trusts” includes only extracts from the P&L, otherwise you could just design the P&L COAs to suit and then use the “Groups to collapse” there.

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Correct, absolutely the collapse feature may answer the request… yes the

With tracking codes we can pull exactly what is needed but the presentation shows many lines of how it is made up. Just the “bottom line” is required.

To clarify, the “Groups to collapse” will work for Groups but not for supressing Account details, your initial wish.

Now I maybe on the wrong branch here but have you tried the P&L Report using the tracking code only.

It will produce tracking code totals only, but also lists all other accounts without tracking codes but with zero balances. Perhaps the data can then be extracted or the report exported and edited.

Also you have the “Groups to collapse” option.

Unfortunately the P & L report option does not produce what is needed. The custom report is precise, just need totals though. Thank you.

Financial year end now at the end of March for NZ, would really appreciate the feature / Group Total Only option in custom reports.