Reports related with tracking code


i have used tracking code to track all cash, bank, sales and almost any transaction that can be tracked with tracking code and now i have some question regarding report in relation with tracking code, i notice that only profit and loss report that can use the tracking code natively. why cant i use these code to make balance sheet per code, or any report at all?

The software is designed this way. I’m not saying that I like it but you can use tracking codes only for profit and loss.

if its so, its such a awful waste of data.

You can split balance sheet in many other different way, ie special accounts.

There has been discussion about the introduction of divisional accounting, this would give you 'tracking codes" for both BS & P&L. When, who knows.

I could also really do with the balance sheet being reported by tracking code. I have one business with several locations and I’d like to be able to see what assets I have invested in each location. Is it possible to do this through custom reporting? I can’t seem to work out how to use the custom reporting. Thanks

Use a custom field to indicate location. Then export the Fixed Assets tab listing and manipulate it in a spreadsheet.

No. Custom reports just return the result of queries of the database. In other words, they are lists of entries or transactions, not balances in accounts. You cannot perform calculations in them.

Have you read this Guide: I will not pretend they are easy.

Hi Tut, thanks for your input… the thing is I’m already using the tracking codes, so by adding a custom field to indicate location, I would be putting the location in twice. If the tracking codes showed as a column, this would be really helpful, because you could then export all purchase invoices for example, or all the invoices in a TFA A/C, and immediately see which location the assets were tagged to. At the moment the only way to view the tracking code is to edit each invoice (highly impractical), or see those that qualify as overheads in the P&L. Do you know if it’s possible to have the tracking codes appear as a column? Thanks

Tracking codes cannot be displayed on balance sheet accounts, @OWS. Therefore, you cannot display them in a column. That was simply never their purpose.

True, but you would only need to do that once for each asset, at time of acquisition. So it really would not be much of a burden if it helps you get the information you want.

I’ve just realised that part of the problem is we have not been using the the system correctly when it comes to fixed assets. Rather than creating the fixed assets under the fixed assets tab, we created our fixed assets accounts in the chart of accounts and tagged them to assets. Unfortunately, the system does not seem to give you the option to tag to ‘fixed’ assets specifically from the chart of accounts, so all the fixed assets accounts we created, and the purchase invoices tagged to those accounts, do not show up in the fixed assets tab. For me to fix this now would mean creating all the accounts in the fixed assets tab and then retagging all my invoices with assets (there are lots) to the new fixed assets accounts, unless you know of a quick way to move them to a different account. It would still be helpful if we had the option to show the tracking codes as a column in purchase invoices… is this possible? Thanks

Have you tried a journal entry?

Yes, that’s true, I could do that to move things to the correct Fixed Asset A/Cs, but I would still really like the option to see tracking codes as a column, at least in Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices. It would be extremely helpful, so I’m hoping they’ll implement that. Thanks